10 DuckDuckGo Facts For Digital Marketers & SEO Pros

DuckDuckGo has seen rapid growth since its introduction. Find out the reasons to start using DuckDuckGo now.

How often do you utilize DuckDuckGo?

If you replied “never,” you might be interested in reading this article.

Over time, DuckDuckGo has redesigned itself and evolved to serve the demands of its users better and safeguard their privacy.

Alongside its impressive features for searching, DDG (DuckDuckGo) has numerous useful features that will aid you in improving your search strategy and reduce the time required to conduct your research.

I’ve researched DDG and its importance for SEO and digital marketers. Professionals.

In this article, you’ll discover all you should learn about DDG, why marketers should think about using it, and a few fascinating facts about the search engine.

What is DuckDuckGo?

It’s a search engine that does not track users, which means it doesn’t have any information regarding the websites you visit.

That means when you’re using DDG, there is no way to know your identity, your location, what you prefer to do, or what websites you’ve been to – thus creating an anonymous search history.

Gabriel Weinberg founded the company and has worked on his concept since 2008.

He first started using Google to search. However, after observing the amount of information Google gathered, he created a different privately-owned search engine.

SEO professionals and marketers can utilize DDG for their websites on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox using an extension built-in to the browser.

Additionally, Google’s search engine is accessible as an app available for iOS phones, Android phones, and Windows 8 tablets.

Let us now look at the causes of why you should think about making use of DDG.

Why Do We Use DuckDuckGo?

With its unique search algorithm, DDG has become one of the most well-known other search engines.

Many know about the brand, but few understand what differentiates it from the rest of the pack.

DDG was created from scratch to be secure, fast, and safe.

The search engine can use only what is needed to give results. That means there aren’t any tracker cookies or other information collection.

This means that this makes DDG an one of the top search engines with a focus on privacy available today.

It allows you to browse anonymously while blocking trackers on websites that you browse.

DDG utilizes HTTPS encryption to protect all its searches and doesn’t keep I.P. addresses.

Although some commonalities can make DDG similar to a search engine with Google, the primary distinction is that DDG does not follow you as Google does.

Therefore, regardless of how frequently you search, there won’t be ads from your previous searches. Instead, you’ll find sponsored hyperlinks that relate to the current issue.

This isn’t only good information for those who advocate privacy. It’s a great thing for everyone seeking reliable information on the Internet.

If you’re looking for something particular without being monitored, DDG is an excellent alternative.

In addition, if it’s your goal to find out how you can integrate SEO into DDG, then take a look at the Search Engine Journal resource.

DDG permits you to block certain kinds of cookies. This means that you can control whether third-party websites can monitor your browsing history on the Internet.

This information could offer significant benefits, particularly with marketing campaigns.

You can, for instance, focus on specific keywords according to the pages people visit, meaning marketers can get their message out to potential customers more quickly than ever before.

Now, let’s take a look at the beneficial features DDG has to offer.

Helpful Features of DuckDuckGo Search

DDG offers a variety of features, including image searches, search-based on location, and voice searches.

As I’ve mentioned, the primary distinction between Google DDG and Google DDG can be seen in the fact that DDG cannot track users using cookies or any other means.

It also doesn’t provide any data to any third party.

DDG is a company that aims to safeguard the customers who use its services.

The company has developed a variety of capabilities that let it detect possible threats without compromising user privacy.

It also provides instructions on reviewing your extensions to ensure that you eliminate any possibly harmful add-ons.

Additionally, DDG has integrated with Apple Maps, allowing users to look up locations independently.

Specific features include Safe Search, Instant Answers as well as private searches. These tools help DDG safeguard its users from scams, malicious websites, and malware.

In addition to Instant Answers, DDG uses more than 100 sources to respond to your questions without having to visit different websites for results.

The! Bang Syntax

One cool feature of DDG is the! Bang Syntax function allows you to search directly on the site using DDG without visiting the area first.

Let’s say, for instance. You’re trying to find recipe recipes for butter chicken on Pinterest.

It is possible to use the DDG’s Pinterest shortcut by typing”feast recipes for butter and chicken” in the search-bar, and it will take you straight to Pinterest results for the platform.

DDG offers many other shortcuts to other websites, including Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia.

To find all the shortcuts, type the exclamation point in the search bar, and they will pop up.

It’s user-friendly and efficient to conduct quick search results.

It cuts the time of going to a site to finish a search.

Suppose you use DDG’s browser extension or set it as your primary search engine, the! Bang commands are also available on the address line.

DDG offers a variety of other intriguing features that you must check out, including categories, webpages, keyboard shortcuts and Autosuggest.

If the search engine does not convince you, go through these 10 DDG facts that may make you reconsider your decision.

10. DuckDuckGo Facts

1. DDG turned 14 in 2022.

Google is now synonymous with Internet search results. Although DDG is not a brand new engine, it has existed for more than a decade and is growing at a phenomenal rate.

2. DDG Gets 100 Million Results Every Day

It’s now one of the top 10 search engines in the world.

Furthermore, Google reached the mark in the amount of 100 million per day of searches in 2021.

3. More than 100 Billion Searches Have been performed on DDG

2019 was the first time it crossed one billion searches within a month. Then in 2020, it broke the 50-billion mark.

Because of its speedy and efficient search capabilities, more than 100 billion search queries have been conducted by users of DDG.

4. DDG has an 11.43 Bounce Rate Of 11.43 %

Although Google remains the most trending search engine across the U.S., DDG has ranked second in search results.

And DDG has bounce rates of 11.43 percent compared to Google’s 28.46 percent.

5. DDG Employees have risen to 180

Since its humble beginnings, with CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg running DDG by himself up to 2011, DDG now employs 180 employees.

In addition, the company is today profitable.

It’s a fantastic illustration of how to start with a small amount and then grow to something more substantial.

6. Average of Six Million Downloads Monthly DDG

With more and more people seeking methods to secure their data, there are around 6 million downloading DDG for desktop and mobile devices per month.

In 2020, Google will be in 2020 that it will be the default browser for Android across the E.U.

7. Average of Three Billion Searches per Month DDG

More users benefit from the DDG; today, it is averaging 3.0 billion per month.

This is because more users depend on the site for expected search results.

8. DDG Holds 2.42 Percent Of The Search Market In The U.S.

In the year 2019 in 2019, the DDG market share started to increase, starting at 1.25 percent, and has more than tripled to the present.

DDG owns 2.42 percent of the market share for search engines within the U.S.

9. A Cost-Per-Click on DDG can be 10x cheaper than Google

DDG offers pay-per-click advertisements similar to Google as well as Bing.

Some marketers have discovered DDG much less expensive than the costs per click for advertisements on Google, which has resulted in a reduction in the price of their conversion rate.

With the right approach, DDG can be a beneficial marketing opportunity for marketers and companies to improve the conversion rate.

10. DDG Is Rated with An Average of 4.5 Stars

One of the most effective methods to judge whether a website is genuine and worthy of your time is to read its reviews.

DDG is averaging a score from 4.5 five stars. This means that users are satisfied with it.

With its speedy loading times and user-friendly interface access for users on the go, it’s a powerful search engine.