3 Overlooked Ways To Improve Inbound Marketing ROI

Use unique methods that businesses often overlook to improve your campaign ROI and lead quality.

Are you a campaign manager with big goals but limited staff or budget?

Do you want to achieve more with your campaigns?

Would you instead if your leads were worth the time of your team?

It’s more than just generating leads and hoping for the best. Your ideal inbound lead process must be planned.

On April 20, Ron Browning, CEO at Intellibright, was CallRail’s guest. I moderated the webinar.

He shared techniques and case studies to increase campaign ROI without much effort or cost.

He also showed how to improve lead quality by using innovative methods often overlooked in businesses with poor lead management systems.

Below is a summary of the webinar. Complete the form to access the complete presentation.

1. Flowchart The Lead process

The most crucial part of building positive relationships with prospects is identifying and solving business issues.

No matter how many leads your company generates, it won’t result in optimal revenue if the process isn’t working correctly.

You can increase sales by improving the process before you have traffic.

The benefits of flowcharting the process lead:

  • Conversions are up
  • All campaigns improved efficiency
  • Appropriate source attribution.
  • Improved analytics and reporting integrity

2. Make an Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

You can convert inbound calls into data, filter calls that are not revenue-generating, and maximize revenue opportunities with IVR.

It is also possible to identify phone leads and their corresponding sources.

To track your results, you will need:

  • Your website should include a phone number.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion makes it easy to capture data from paid campaigns.
  • Tag sales opportunities and other call types (HR/accounting, etc.). ).

The benefits of creating an IVR:

  • Track sales calls and their corresponding sources. Show value and keep track of all calls.
  • Collect all inbound calls from both offline and online sources.
  • Filtering out non-revenue calls from sales can increase sales conversions.

How do I create an IVR menu?

  • Use a professional voice actor to fabricate a captivating introduction.
  • Track sales, service calls, and hiring.
  • Filter out non-sales opportunities
  • Set up notifications/alerts.

3. Track Call Conversions

Tracking can help you optimize campaigns and achieve results based upon true outbound call opportunities.

Advanced telephony will allow you to identify inbound callers who are interested in revenue-generating events via IVR selection.

This applies to all inbound calls from any source, online or offline.

Call tracking benefits:

  • Improved campaign optimization – filters existing customers, employees, vendors, robocalls, etc.
  • Find out the true cost of conversion.