5 Chrome Extensions To Increase Your Productivity

Chrome extensions are great for productivity problems. These extensions can help you get more done every Day.

One thing I have learned in my long career as a digital marketer is that productivity, time management, and time management only come naturally to some.

Effective time management is something I have observed in my own life.

It is enough to say that any contribution to professional productivity would be most appreciated.

Today, I’d like to share my insight on five Google Chrome extensions to help you get more done in your daily life.

This listicle will cover everything from note-taking and time tracking to automatic writing suggestions, tab consolidation, and more.

It would help if you had a good collection of Chrome extensions by the end. This will save you time and help you be more productive.

1. Grammarly for Chrome

You may have heard of Grammarly. But did you know that Grammarly for Chrome is also available?

The famous writing enhancement tool is also available as a Chrome extension. You don’t need to copy all of your text into the website version.

Grammarly will empower you by following you everywhere on Chrome and jumping in wherever there is a field or box to write.

As you write, you get instant grammar and typo corrections.

Grammarly Premium offers additional suggestions on word choice, tone, and clarity.

Grammarly will tell you about any errors in grammar and help you improve your writing when it’s time to submit or send.

2. Clockify

The time-tracking app Clockify, like Grammarly, has a website, an app, and an extension version. For maximum productivity, however, you will want to use the Chrome extension.

Clockify is your all-in-one scheduler and time tracker. It’s great for professionals but beneficial for freelancers or anyone working outside the traditional day-to-day setting.

This extension allows you to generate tasks, projects, tracking, and timesheets. You can also create reports about your activity.

Clockify reports are useful beyond tracking your work time at the moment. They allow you to analyze your week, month, and longer to see trends in your habits.

This will allow you to eliminate inefficiencies.

3. BlockSite

As I said, time management is a problem for many people. A lot of it comes from procrastination.

It’s easy for your mind to wander to other sites or apps when you are working independently, whether freelancer or contractor. Distractions can be found everywhere, from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook.

Enter BlockSite is a Chrome extension that allows you to block apps and websites on your device so that you can work peacefully.

You are always in control of the extension. But the idea is to remove distractions from your work.

BlockSite makes it easy to schedule your blocking so that you can only access blocked sites and apps during the hours you choose.

Site redirects can be activated for blocked sites.

If you attempt to access any blocked sites, you will be redirected to the “work” site you choose.

Productivity is the sum of what you do and what you don’t do. If you can reduce the distractions that distract from your work, your productivity will increase.

4. Win the Day

When we speak about productivity, it is often necessary to get to the bottom of things and talk about setting goals and reaching them.

Win the Day can help.

This Chrome extension helps you to determine your daily, weekly or monthly objectives and then work towards them.

Win the Day can be especially helpful for medium- and long-term goals because you can set one big goal and then add smaller daily goals to help you build slowly up to the final one.

The extension can be used to track and identify your habit formation. It can be helpful to follow your progress day by Day if you are trying to change your behavior.

It makes perfect sense since significant goals often require a long trip.

Win the Day lets you choose the time to reach your goals and form new habits.

This Chrome extension can be used in many ways.

5. Scribe

The scribe could be helpful for anyone working in digital marketing, sales, or education.

This Chrome extension is essential if you are serious about productivity.

Scribe allows you to record your clicks, keystrokes, and process steps. It then generates screenshots and written steps that can be used to create tutorials.

Scribe is for managers and trainers who spend a lot of time creating documents or taking screenshots to train new employees. You don’t need to spend another second writing it manually.

After Scribe has taken your screenshots and highlighted the areas where you should click, you can edit the tutorial, save it forever and share it with anyone you wish.

This is called working smarter and not harder.