5 Features Recently Added By YouTube For Creators

Youtube provides new insights for video creators and more control over ads, chapters, and other features.

YouTube will add five new features that provide more insight for viewers and greater control over ads, video chapters, and videos.

The new capabilities include the following:

  • Evergreen video insights
  • Trending hashtags
  • AdSense blocking control
  • Bulk editing of video sections
  • Studio Mobile – Appeal yellow monetization icons

You can find out more about each of these features here.

Evergreen Video Insights

YouTube offers creators insights into creating evergreen videos. These are videos that have been popular over a prolonged time.

Evergreen video insights first appeared as an experiment last month to assist creators with their monthly channel performance analysis.

After receiving positive feedback, the program is now being offered to all creators.

Trending Hashtags

YouTube recently added trending hashtags to its explore section. This is to assist viewers with current popularity and raise awareness for hashtags.

Creators will find these hashtags helpful in finding out what’s trending on YouTube. These perceptions can be used to guide future videos.

YouTube uses hashtags to identify the most popular.

YouTube displays hashtags with the fastest growth and selects a subset to display across different categories like movies, games, and sports. This feature is available only to US mobile users.

AdSense Blocking Systems

YouTube provides AdSense blocking control for creators who can run ads. They allow creators to specify which ads they do not want to have appeared on their channel.

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This feature was available previously only to YouTube Partner Program channels. Multi-channel affiliate networks (MCNs) are now able to access Adsense blocking controls. MCNs can make editorial decisions about what ads they want to show on their channels using these controls.

Bulk Edit Video Chaps

YouTube recently added automatic chapters to newly uploaded videos. The initiative has received positive feedback.

YouTube is expanding its auto-generated chapters.AllVideos. Like before, creators can opt into this.

YouTube allows you to edit chapters in many videos simultaneously, so it’s not necessary to activate this feature.

YouTube now allows you to approve or deny chapters through bulk editing of the upload list. Chapters can be disabled in the upload flow and metadata editor. This option is also available for future uploads.

Be aware that although automatic chapters are permitted on all videos, only a limited number of videos will have them. It depends on whether or not the algorithm can detect chapters and determine if the content is a good fit.

Creators always have the opportunity to add chapters manually.

Appeal Yellow Icons at YouTube Studio Mobile

YouTube now allows creators to appeal to yellow icons via Studio Mobile rather than only via desktop.

This update is for YouTube Partner Program creators. A yellow icon means that the video has been granted monetization privileges but not enough to make it more desirable than a green one.

Creators make more money if a video has been fully monetized rather than being partially monetized. Creators can appeal to yellow icons if they feel that their video is worthy of a green icon.

YouTube Studio Mobile now allows creators to make appeals. This can help get ads running again as soon as possible.

All YouTube Partner Program creators will have this access at the end of each month.