6 Best WordPress Review Plugins For 2022

Showing reviews on WordPress-managed sites builds trust. Here are six recommendations, both free and paid.

Installing a WordPress review plugin will help you increase traffic to WordPress, improve your SEO, and bring in more sales for your WooCommerce products.

You can increase your chances of attracting new and retaining existing customers by having reviews about your products or services.

Reviews are one of the great powerful marketing tools, and they’re free!

It is a great way to get feedback from customers and clients.

This will enable you to improve your products and customer experience and build a relationship with customers.

This will increase their likelihood of becoming repeat customers and make them more likely to recommend your products or services to others.

Choosing a WordPress Review Plugin

You want to ensure that the plugin you choose for your WordPress site is reliable and secure.

Before installing a review plugin, ensure it has positive reviews and ratings.

Browsing plugins will show a star rating, and brackets will indicate the number of reviews.

The better the star rating and reviews are, the more stars you get.

Also, check the number of active plugin installations.

The number of active plugins indicates that people use the plugin more often.

Last, ensure that the plugin is tested with the most recent version of WordPress.

These are my top six WordPress plugin suggestions. These plugins will make it easy to review your website.

Each of the reviewed plugins has been tested with WordPress 6.0 and received excellent reviews from more than 20,000 users.

1. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is the best choice if you’re looking for an extensive review plugin.

WP Review Free is a free version that includes all the essential features. However, it’s worth $67 to upgrade for unlimited sites and unlock all the feature sets.

WP Review Pro gives you unlimited color options and many rating options such as points, percentages, thumbs down, thumbs up, thumbs down, stars, thumbs up/down, or circles.

The plugin supports 19 rich snippets. It also seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews to increase your reach.

Pre-defined, highly customizable designs allow you to match your branding and other popular review platforms.

2. Site Reviews

Site Review allows users to leave reviews through a custom form.

Reviewers can filter their reviews using a 1-to-5-star rating system.

Positive reviews can be pinned to the top of the page, so they appear first in the customers’ eyes.

You can also use WooCommerce to add site reviews. This free add-on will replace WooCommerce Reviews with Site Reviews for products in your WooCommerce store.

This plugin is available as a shortcode or custom Gutenberg block. It also supports native Elementor widgets, which can accommodate different theme and builder types.

3. Plugin for Google Reviews

Plugin to Google Reviews displays reviews and ratings from Google using a public Googleapi.

The free version limits you to five Google reviews. However, the Business version costs $85/year and allows unlimited Google Reviews.

Upgrades will give you unlimited Yelp and Facebook reviews and sync your accounts to receive automatic updates.

Customers can also leave reviews through your website, and you can mix and match them.

Do you want to be the best reviewer?

You can filter reviews to show them in the order that you prefer.

Five themes are available, and you can display reviews using a short code, widget, or Universal HTML/JavaScript.

4. WooCommerce Customer Reviews

The WooCommerce customer reviews lets customers shop in your store and leave written reviews and photos. This will increase your social proof to bring in more customers.

Customers can send an email asking them to leave reviews after purchasing. Even coupons can be sent to customers who leave reviews.

This plugin integrates with a service that verifies review authenticity.

WooCommerce Customer Reviews uses customer-submitted photos and ratings. You can filter reviews.

The fundemental version is free, but you can customize the Professional version for $49.99/year.

5. Starfish Reviews

The Starfish Reviews plugin uses a funnel system to sort negative and positive reviews.

The plugin can be set up in WordPress Dashboard and link to Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

The first step in the review is to choose between a positive or a negative review.

If you leave a positive review, you can give your customer multiple choices of where they can leave a review.

If you leave a negative review, they will send it back and can be asked for further information.

You can decide whether to allow the user to leave a negative review or not.

The plugin has a minimal edition that is free to download from wordpress.org. Starfish Reviews also offers multiple paid tiers starting from $37 per month.

6. Taqyeem

The Taqyem WordPress Review Plugin allows you to create beautiful custom reviews, which can be added to pages, posts, and custom post types.

There are many Google Fonts available to match branding and colors.

There are three types of rating: percentages, stars, points, and stars. Rating images can be given multiple options. You can display reviews by Recent, Best, or Random.

Taqyem uses Google Rich Snippets to optimize viewing through search engines.

CodeCanyon offers a $29 one-time payment, which includes six months of support. You can also purchase additional support.

Choosing the Best WordPress Review Plugin in 2022

There are over 1000 WordPress review plugins to choose from. It cannot be simple to know where to start.

Consider the star rating, reviews, and active installations of any plugin you are considering for your WordPress website. Also, consider compatibility with the most recent version of WordPress.

While many WordPress review plugins are reliable and reputable, you may need to pay for additional features.

It’s a great way to market and establish trust with your audience by displaying reviews from clients and customers on your website. So it’s worth spending the time to find a plugin that will seamlessly integrate into your WordPress site.