CMS Market Share Monthly 64.2% Of Sites Use WordPress

What are content management systems most popular among SEO professionals and site developers today? This market share update includes the top 10 CMS.

According to data, WordPress is still the dominant content management system (CMS) market. WordPress is used by 64.2% of websites with a CMS.

Shopify comes in second place for June 2022, accounting for 6.3% of all CMS market share.

Wix, Squarespace, and Joomla are the other top five companies with less than 3.5% market share.

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W3Techs reports that 33.1% of websites don’t use any content management system they monitor.

WordPress is used by 43% and 64.2%, respectively, of websites with identifiable CMS.

WordPress Will Continue To Work On Security, Stability

WordPress is not slowing down and currently has five years left in a ten-year project that will involve rewriting its entire codebase.

In a recent interview, Josepha Haden Chomphosy was the Executive Director at WordPress.

“… The next year, like all years in a project such as this, is about ensuring that we remain as stable and capable as a CMS but also continuing to push forward with a better, more modern way to manage content online.

WordPress released version change, Arturo, this month. Within two weeks, 36.2% had upgraded to it.

Roger Montti reported on WordPress sharing a proposal to a plugin-checker, which would increase security and site performance by proactively vetting plugins.

Shopify enters the B2B marketplace with June Update

Shopify’s Summer ’22 Edition was released in June. It includes more than 100 new features.

A new feature called “B2B” will connect Shopify Plus merchants to wholesalers. It also offers integrations with NetSuite, Brightpearl, and Acumatica for a seamless experience.

Wix publishes Structured Data Guidance For SEO Pros

Wix is third in the CMS market share and released ” Wix structured data guide: How to use standard & custom markup” this June.

Mordy Oberstein (Head of SEO Branding at Wix) shared his guide on implementing structured data on Wix at Search Engine Journal.

Oberstein wrote that Wix has gone from providing little structured data to allowing SEO pros and site owners to do almost everything they want in less than three years.

He also pointed out that recent platform updates have removed any other content on the internet about this topic.

See his guide for more information on how structured data can be applied to Wix sites.

Stay tuned for the next month’s CMS Market Share Monthly Report.