Google Announces 5 Changes Coming To Mobile Search

Google has announced five significant changes in mobile search. These are the details.

Today’s Google Search On conference announced that five significant changes were being made to mobile search.

You’ll find shortcuts to many actions that you can perform beyond typing a search query.

In the coming months, Google will update its mobile search bar with new features that will allow users to find more relevant results.

Google’s mobile search results will be more visually appealing, with greater emphasis on video and images.

More information about the updates available today and in the future is here.

1. Google Search Shortcuts

Google can be searched in many different ways beyond just typing a query.

Upload screenshots to find products, translate text using Google Lens, and even find songs by humming into your microphone.

With tappable shortcuts, the Google app iOS will make it easier to search Google using advanced techniques.

Below is an example of how they look:

2. Search Results

Google makes it easier to find things via mobile search by showing links to search results in the search bar.

Google will start populating results as soon as you start typing.

As you can see, Google displays a link to a page about location in the search bar.

This feature will be available in the next few months.

3. Enhanced query refinements

With various query refinements, Google makes it easy to find the most relevant results.

Google will suggest ways to improve the specificity of your query as you type it into the mobile search box.

You can see Google offering different ways to expand the query “best Mexico city” in the following example:

4. Google Web Stories

Google makes mobile search visual by integrating Google Web Stories into its mobile search.

In an announcement, Google stated:

We also make it easier to research a topic by highlighting the most valuable and relevant information and content from open-source creators. You might see short videos and visual stories about cities. These will give you tips & tricks on how to visit the city.

This is an example of the new layout.

It almost looks like iOS widgets.

To open the story in full-screen mode, tap on it.

5. Combining text, images, and video

Google is turning mobile search results pages into an endless stream of discovery.

Google will make it easy to switch between the Web, Images, and Video tabs.

Google calls this combination of text and images on one page a “reimagining” or a “reimagining” of how it delivers search results.

We are also changing how we present results to reflect better how people search topics. No matter the format of the information, you’ll find the most relevant content from all sources.

You can also scroll down to find related queries.

This is an example of the search page’s bottom. You can tap “More Search Results” to see more results. Or scroll vertically to explore the query “historical sites in Oaxaca.”

In the coming months, these new mobile search methods will be available.