Google Makes Ads More Distinguishable From Organic Results

Google is updating the look of its ads using modern visual components emphasizing logos and business names.

Google is rise improvements to its search ads, which comprise eliminating the “ad” label and the addition of logos and names of businesses.

These modifications help improve the quality of Google Search ads to make it easier to discern in organic listings.

Business Names in Google Search Ads

Google recently altered the search snippets used for homepages of websites by showing the website’s name instead of its title.

The business name will be the most prominent graphic element in the search advertisements. Take a look at an example of this new look below:

In the past, the landing page URL was displayed on the first page of the search ads, followed by the ad’s headline text.

Google shows the URL as well as the title in the new layout. The company isn’t taking away information, it’s making its name more prominent.

This can be useful when a company is bidding against a competitor’s keywords. It will be more evident to the user which site they’re on when they click an advertisement.

Logos In Google Search Ads

Alongside business brands, Google is now displaying logos of businesses in its search results.

This update makes it evident to the user what the business is paying for the advertisement, so there is no confusion upon reaching the page they are directed to.

The use of logos aids users in another way by making advertisements more distinct from natural results.

Organic search results are usually plain text, occasionally a thumbnail to the right.

A logo for a business at the top left of the screen is now the most distinctive feature of search ads, separating these from the organic short snippets.

Google has been criticized for its ads that look like regular results. This update should mean that there’s likely to reduce confusion.

Sponsored Labels in Google Search Ads

Finally, Google is doing away with “Ad” and is replacing it with the “Ad” label to create an updated “Sponsored” tag.

The term “Sponsored” will appear in its section in the upper left corner of the search ads.

These changes on Google Search ads are gradually being released on mobile devices as well, as a similar experience is being planned for desktops in the near future.


Logos and names of businesses included in Google Search ads are currently being tested and are limited to those who meet the requirements for eligibility.

The eligibility requirements include the following:

  • This account was active longer than 90 days.
  • It has had a great track record of policy compliance.
  • The account is active with campaigns.
  • The account is active with advertising in the form of text and has been accumulating expenditure for the Search campaign for the last 28 days.
  • The account is part of an appropriate horizontal or subvertical. Sub-verticals or sensitive verticals (for instance, alcohol, sexual content gambling, healthcare, etc.) aren’t qualified for Business Information.
  • Google’s Advertiser Verification Program has verified the account.

If the eligibility requirements meet, Google Ads will crawl your landing page for the company’s name and logo and add them automatically to your ads.

You’ll have the choice to go through and delete any information that is automatically added that you don’t wish to add.

Alternatively, you can manually add a company brand name as well as a logo to every campaign.

Google will examine businesses’ logos and names to ensure they conform to Google Ads policy and formatting requirements.

However, if Google can’t display your company name, it will display the domain name from your URL. Google will also add the blue globe icon when it cannot show your logo.

The brand-new logo and business name features will be rolled out on time. Advertisers will receive a notification within the account of their Google Ads account when they are granted access.