How To Simplify Your Content Creation Process

Do you want to increase your business’s production of content?

If you’ve had trouble finding and keeping reliable writers, the thought of expanding production might appear impossible.

It’s good to know that Scaling content is very feasible.

It’s all you need to be aware of:

  • What challenges should you be looking for as you begin to expand your content creation strategy?
  • How can we overcome common challenges with scaling content?
  • These services, such as Contentfly, can assist in simplifying the process.

Step-1. Determine the Common Issues when Upscaling Content Production

In-house content production faces numerous challenges that limit the growth of content production.

The most common issues are productivity, bandwidth, and business objectives.

If the main issue is your team’s bandwidth, the most effective solution is to outsource content production.

Fifty percent of businesses opt to outsource their marketing activities according to the B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Information to 2022 published by the Content Marketing Institute.

The most successful teams for content are outsourced or consist of several people as per the same survey.

Companies that outsourced their content creation have seen positive results from their content marketing strategies across a broad range of goals and metrics.

This includes increased engagement on websites in addition to conversions and traffic.

86% of companies who outsource content are, as per CMI’s B2B report for 2021. This report focuses explicitly on outsourcing content creation.

When outsourcing content-related projects, numerous teams in content marketing are confronted with significant issues, for example, getting writers.

Don’t worry. We can help.

Step-2. Locate and retain reliable writers in Your Industry

It’s effortless to locate writers.

There are a variety of gig marketplaces, freelance communities, job boards, and freelance websites that you can choose from.

Finding trustworthy writers is the tricky part.

CMI’s B2B report revealed that the most significant challenge that most businesses faced in outsourcing their content was finding an individual knowledgeable about the topic.

To simplify the process to make it easier for you, here’s a list of the things to look for when looking for trusted writers for outsourcing:

  • Does your listing of freelance jobs define the field in which the writer must have experience?
  • Does your prospective writer have writing samples and portfolios?
  • Do the models of writing relevant to your particular industry?
  • Does the writer you are considering have any reviews available to read?
  • Do you have the time to read all samples and portfolios?

After you’ve found the perfect quantity of freelance writers for your content requirements, make sure to keep writers with consistent work and competitive compensation.

If you don’t, you’ll constantly be looking for freelancers who can meet your requirements for producing content.

Step 3: Minimise Administrative Time Spent On Content Creation

The second challenge you could encounter in outsourcing content marketing is the time you have to spend managing your outsourced writers.

Let’s suppose that your company’s requirements for content are a challenge that requires seven freelancers to fulfill.

The following steps are:

  • Let them know about your business and its products or services.
  • Discuss new ideas and topics.
  • Check in on any deadlines that are coming up or missed.
  • Talk about payment options and pay.

In this case, We suggest you look for innovative ways to cut down the administrative time required and boost the return on investment from content marketing.

Implementing a uniform onboarding procedure or setting up an automated system can be an ideal addition to your content creation process.

Step 4: Obtain the Content You Want The Very First Time

Develop a standardized brief-creation process to ensure that every writer is aware of the purpose of their work.

In addition to interacting with the freelancers mentioned above, It is essential to pay attention to the time it takes to get your first draft to a finalized version ready for publication.

Based on the standard of the writers you’ve selected, it could be as easy as one round of proofreading or several rounds of revisions and comments.

Creating a standardized briefing procedure helps simplify and accelerate the creation of the content process.