Instagram Tests BeReal Clone ‘Candid Challenges’

Instagram has been testing a new function called “Candid Challenges that resembles a clone of the selfie-sharing app BeReal.

Instagram confirms that it is testing a brand new photo-centric feature known as Candid Challenges, which shares similarities to the famous app BeReal.

The app’s researcher Alessandro Paluzzi uncovered Candid Challenges which encourages users to upload a photo every day at a random moment.

Candid Challenges is the only social media site that uses Instagram’s dual camera capabilities, allowing you to take a picture using the front and rear lenses simultaneously.

Combining random images and dual camera modes is an idea on which the whole BeReal application is built.

The concept is to allow people to construct an authentic picture of the place they’re at and what they’re up to at any given time and that’s why they call it “Be Real.”

BeReal was launched in the year 2019. BeReal was ranked at the top position in the Apple App Store in July of this year and was downloaded over by 28 million people.

BeReal is home to 21.6 million active users per month and 2.93 million people use the app daily.

With the rapid expansion of BeReal it’s not surprising that other established apps are now beginning to imitate the BeReal features.

We don’t know exactly how we are in the development stage of Candid Challenges or when it might launch. However, Instagram has confirmed to Engadget that it is being tested as an “internal design prototype.”

This means that only employees of the organization can access the test, unlike an actual test conducted with regular users.

It’s fascinating that Instagram is working on new features based on sharing photos after announcing that it would go full-time with video.

However, Instagram’s transition to the video hasn’t received the acclaim of its users, with prominent influencers calling for Instagram to return to its roots.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, admitted that Instagram may have gone “too far” into video recently.

Candid Challenges may be Instagram’s attempt to dispel the negative criticism of too much video while trying to stay relevant to younger audiences.

Popular as Gen Z’s top application, BeReal is building a following of users by establishing an app that lets users share authentic content with their friends.

Another problem that frustrates users is the tendency of Instagram to display content from accounts that users don’t follow. Users are looking for a different range from families, friends, and their top brands.

BeReal gives you an experience that’s quite different from Instagram.

As it has repeatedly done, Instagram is cloning features of a new social media platform that’s getting the attention of young people today.

Stories first came out and were duplicated from Snapchat. Then came Reels which were copied from TikTok. Soon, we’ll be able to offer Candid Challenges, which were cloned from BeReal.