Instagram’s Main Feed Is Going Full Screen

Instagram is currently testing a full-screen feed with a design that looks similar to TikTok.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, announced that Instagram would soon be testing a complete screen redesign of its main feed.

You may have missed Zuckerberg’s announcement if you blink since it was made via Instagram stories.

These are screenshots of the before & after comparisons for the new design.

This makes Instagram more like a TikTok clone. The content takes up almost the entire screen.

The navigation area is located at the bottom, and all other elements are overlapped.

Zuckerberg clarifies photos will be an integral part of Instagram to clarify any confusion surrounding the new design.

The Instagram redesign won’t make it into a video-only platform.

If you don’t see the photo, Zuckerberg’s statement is:

“We want to make it simple to find content and connect with friends.

Instagram photos are an integral part of the platform. We’re still working to improve how they appear in full-screen feeds.

This test may be available to some people soon.

We would love to hear from you.

This will be fascinating to see how it works out since Instagram photos cannot currently be uploaded in full-screen dimensions.

This will require the app to crop the sides of your photo. This could cause a loss of detail.

Zuckerberg’s pledge to preserve Instagram’s photo-sharing experience is contrary to what Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram) has been saying for the last year.

Mosseri stated that it was no longer a photo-sharing app in July 2021.

Mosseri, who stated that messaging and videos are his top priorities, made plans for Instagram in January.

Photos will remain part of the new Instagram account, but it is clear that this is not a growth area.

Short-form video is the fastest-growing segment right now. Even Facebook is shifting its focus towards video after a February stock market plunge.

A recent memo sent to Facebook employees outlined plans to restructure their feed around video.

It’s not guaranteed that investing in the video will make a return. It can attract new users and drive away existing customers.

This is a risk. We will likely have new Instagram and Facebook accounts before the year ends, so be ready for some changes.