Microsoft Advertising Announces Updates : Here’s What Advertisers need to Know

Microsoft Advertising has released its September product updates. Here’s what advertisers should know!

Microsoft Advertising has announced its September product releases and updates, including video ads on the Audience Network and disclaimers in advertisements. Flexible I.O.s are also included.

Pilot Microsoft Audience Network video ads

Advertisers can now run video ads on Microsoft Audience Network. Advertisers can use videos from 6 seconds to two minutes long.

This ad type is currently piloted across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Contact your Microsoft Advertising account representative to learn more or get in touch with the Microsoft Ads Support team.

Vertical product ads in the U.K., USA, and Canada

Microsoft is also piloting vertical-based advertising on the Audience Network. Advertisers will be able to use existing feeds to show your auto listings and entertainment events, hotels, and vacation rentals, as well tours and activities, in native environments.

For more information on vertical-based product ads, contact your Microsoft Advertising account representative.

For product ads, online appeals

Microsoft has launched “Inline Appraisals” In the Microsoft Merchant Center, you can see the status of any editorial rejections for offers regarding policy violations in the Store.

This summary will provide advertisers with an organized overview of significant policy violations that have led to rejections.

Aside from this, advertisers can request reviews through the Microsoft Merchant Center interface.

After an appeal has been submitted, an acknowledgment email will be sent to advertisers with the details of the request.

Most reviews are completed within 1-3 working days.

Disclaimers in the Ads

Microsoft has launched “disclaimers for ads.” This allows search marketers to leverage disclaimers to manage regulations such as those in Automotive and Financial Services.

Microsoft Makes UET Tag Implementation Easier With Third-Party Integrations

Microsoft now integrates third-party apps with the UET tag setup process. Google Tag Manager and Shopify are now integrated with Squarespace, WordPress, Squarespace, and WordPress.

Keyword Hero unlocks (not included) You can see all of your keywords in G.A. as well as their specific performance metrics. No cost trial. Cancel at any time. Support from professionals It takes only 4 minutes to set up.

If you wish to use an integration partner, select the option that states “Add the Tag through a Website Editing Platform” when setting up your UET. Microsoft will then provide instructions for adding the tracking tags through your chosen platform.

Flexible Insertion Orders

Microsoft now offers flexible insertion orders. You can now place open-ended and unlimited budget insert orders with flexible insertion orders.