Microsoft Bing Is Getting An AI Image Generator

Microsoft has announced the addition of the AI picture generator to its Bing search engine. This lets users create digital art using text input.

Microsoft Bing is getting an AI image-generator over the coming weeks. It allows users to transform the text into digital artwork.

Imagine a photo of a Shiba Inu in space that would be perfect for your writing blog article.

You look through the search engines for images that are free to use but can’t find one that fits your needs.

With the latest Image Creator tool coming to Microsoft Bing, you can make precisely the image you require by entering the appropriate words.

Take a look at an illustration below of Image Creator in action below:

Image Creator’s power is provided with DALL-E 2 image generator technology developed by OpenAI.

In an article on its blog, Microsoft says Image Creator will assist users in creating images that aren’t available at the moment.

All you need to fill in is the description of your image in the description box, and Image Creator will develop it for you.

If Image Creator becomes available, you can access it by opening Bing Images, then the Bing Images tab, and clicking on “Image Creator” or the Image Creator icon in the sidebar of Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft adopts a “measured” approach to the introduction of Image Creator. Image Creator, starting with the preview being limited to a few places.

The gradual roll-out is because it’s so new the technology of DALL-E2 is.

Microsoft is exercising caution as part of a pledge to responsible AI Microsoft says:

“It’s crucial, especially with the new technologies such as DALLE 2, to acknowledge that this is a new technology and that we anticipate that it will continue to evolve and improve. We take our responsibility towards accountable AI seriously. To prevent DALLE 2 from delivering inappropriate results in the Designer application and the Image Creator, We collaborate with the partner OpenAI who created DALLE 2, to take the necessary steps. We will continue to improve our methods.”

Image Creator employs strategies to avoid misuse, such as query blocking on sensitive subjects and filters that limit the creation of images that do not conform to Bing’s rules.

Microsoft will use the feedback from the preview version to enhance the Image Creator before releasing it to all users.