The top 5 creative campaigns you need to know about right now

A new brand pokes at Facebook and plays with an unsavory fast food recipe. Someone is having a massive celebration of B-day.

5.  U.K. Post Office Facebook The Billboard

Agency: Ogilvy U.K.

While other tech companies were in the spotlight in the wake of the massive outage on Facebook and its other social media applications in the last week and this U.K. post office took the opportunity to demonstrate the validity of postal mail by using a hilarious outdoor ad which agency Ogilvy swiftly posted in central London.

4. Diageo: Hispanic Heritage Month Food Truck Makeovers

Agents: Hunter, NVE Experience Agency, Starpower, Mktg

To mark Hispanic Heritage Month, The innovative initiative by Diageo recognizes the talents and contribution to local Hispanic food and creatives through food trucks. Diageo, the alcoholic beverage giant, hired locally-based Latinx creators to make stunning art to decorate the food trucks of vendors who have contributed for a long time towards their respective communities. The murals that move around are designed to highlight each vendors’ stories of perseverance and determination. The program started in New York with Argentinean street activist and artist Magda Love and Maggie Morales, founder of Mike’s Coffee Express in Queens. It will continue over April with Miami, Chicago, and Houston.

3.) KFC: KFCopypaste

Agent: PS21 Madrid

KFC has kept the secret of its “11 spices and herbs” chicken recipe for a long time. So people naturally have been trying to develop their variations of the delicious recipe. In this new marketing campaign from KFC Spain and agency PS21 Madrid, the fast-food chain rewards its faithful customers (and helping them save time) by offering free chicken. Customers need to copy and paste the URL to any among hundreds of fake recipes available on a separate website, and they’ll be awarded coupons for free food.

2. Uber Eats: Bring It

Agent: Mother London

Uber Eats has been entertaining us with its many celebrity pairings that make up its “Tonight I’ll be eating” advertising campaign across the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region. However, within the U.K., the brand has wowed our hearts with a brand new series of commercials that feature an ordinary delivery driver who takes on this role in the passion of a professional actor. The performance of his character could make dry burgers and fries that are soggy appear delicious.

1.) NBA: Welcome to NBA Lane

Agency Translation

The National Basketball Association takes a journey down memory lane or, more accurately, NBA Lane in this entertaining ad to celebrate the league’s 75th anniversary. The film is long-form and features actors Michael B. Jordan driving an elementary school bus full of children through a fictional community populated by legends from the league. The Lakers’ Magic Johnson lives right across one street from his previous rival, Larry Bird of The Boston Celtics. A fellow Laker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, teaches the former Dallas Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki on the art of his famous skyhook. LeBron James throws seeds into the air while he plants (a tribute to his growing empire). The tour bus is forced to take a sad moment before seeing a painting of famous late Kobe Bryant. As we travel, we’ll pass by some of the most famous characters, like Lil’ Penny from the iconic Nike advertisements.