TikTok Introduces 3 Types Of Shopping Ads

TikTok now allows advertisers to run shopping ads in three formats.

TikTok’s e-commerce efforts continue with the addition of three types of shopping ads that offer expanded placement options beyond the For You page.

These are the three types of ads:

  • Advertisements for video shopping
  • Catalog listing ads
  • Advertisements for live shopping

TikTok Ads Manager allows you to access the new advertising formats by selecting the buying objective “Product Sales”.

Advertisers can use these new shopping ads with or without an online store on TikTok.

We have more information on each type of ad.

Video Shopping Ads

Advertisers can create shoppable videos to display on the For You Page.

This ad type blends features from TikTok ads, including dynamic showcase and collection ads.

Video shopping ads can dynamically combine product cards and video creative into many variations. You can make the format product-specific to drive sales or use a more comprehensive brand message to encourage consideration.

TikTok collects data and optimizes a campaign’s performance. It dynamically chooses the best converting combinations.

TikTok will create an In-App Landing Page for users who tap on the ads. This page can be used to determine whether they are ready to purchase. These landing pages allow shoppers to learn more about products, and redirect them to the retailer’s website when they are ready to buy.

While collection ads and dynamic showcase ads are still available, TikTok will eventually phase them out to make way for video shopping ads.

Catalog Listing Ads

Advertisers can promote product catalogs with catalog listing ads, which allow them to reach new places across TikTok.

Catalog listing ads may attract advertisers because they don’t have to produce video content.

These ads enable brands to reach the TikTok audience by putting them in front of their target audience without making videos. This is a first.

Catalog listing ads, which are not video, pull product images directly from the retailer’s catalogs and place them in shoppable places. The For You page contains branded content that allows users to discover the ads.

Shopping Ads

Live shopping ads are designed to promote live streams.

These ads direct people to the For You page and to live shopping events.

TikTok claims these ads can increase traffic to live shopping events by getting them in front of people who want to buy.


You can test shopping ads now to give marketers and businesses plenty of time to prepare for holiday season.


Advertisers must reach “level one” to be able to access shopping ads. This is done by linking their product catalogs and integrating advanced signals. TikTok’s PDF guide outlines the entire process.

Advertisers do not need TikTok Shop to place shopping ads.

TikTok Shop is a shopping platform that can be combined with advertising, but advertisers can also direct shoppers to another site.