Tips for Successful Marketing Campaigns with the support of Email Marketing Tools

What is email marketing? And how did it all begin?

Ray Tomlinson sent his first email in 71 or 78, depending upon where it was received. This was the start of the modern communication age. It was nothing extraordinary, just a series of numbers, letters, and symbols that looked more like a password, but it had profound significance.

The email was sent via a network made up of many computers. It traveled through the web, much like the internet that we use today. Tomlinson also introduced “@” in email addresses to the rest of the world.

Gary Thuerk was a Digital Equipment Corp Marketing Manager. He sent the first email commercial years later to a list of addresses. Email marketing was born. The list contained only a few hundred people, but this was enough for Thuerk, the “Father spam.”

Today we are bombarded with emails marketing campaigns. Yes, some of it still feels spammy, but there is no denying how much a compelling message can have on your customers. Not to mention lead nurturing and CRM.

Email marketing is a best way to reach your audience, promote your brand, and increase sales. Email marketing allows you to do many things, including share information, sell products, and improve your cart abandonment rate.

Mailchimp’s Campaign Builder makes it simple to find the proper email templates to send any message.

Can email marketing be effective?

Email marketing is an best method to promote your brand and sell your products.

A 2015 DMA survey found that email had an average $38 return of investment (ROI). Many shoppers look for emails from their favorite stores before they buy.

However, email is becoming more common, and people find it challenging to make their mark in a sea of emails. Mailchimp has the tools you need to shine. We also have a lot of tested and factual tips on creating awesome emails. Look at our email market statistics organized by industry to learn more about why email marketing works.

How do I obtain an email address?

An active subscriber list is the great way to get the most significant ROI. It is made up of people interested in receiving your messages and who opted-in on purpose. Mailchimp lists offer built-in tools and resources to assist you in building your list. Creating a clean mailing list is more laborious than other aspects of email marketing.

There are many ways to find people who will respond to your emails. But we have compiled the best.

To make an email list.

  • Make a signup form for your website. People will visit your online website first and then like the content. They will want to know more about you. Install a pop-up to collect visitor data and create a signup form for your newsletter.
  • Sign up with a simple signup sheet. Provide a space for people to sign up, regardless of whether they are at your brick and mortar shop or at an event that you host or attend.
  • You can drive signups using social networking. You can tap into that resource if you don’t have an extensive email list or want it to grow but have a solid social-media following. You can share your sign-up form via your social media networks.

To add additional subscribers to an already existing list:

  • You can provide a contest / offer discounts. We trust in giving people an incentive for signing-up for your email list. Contests work. You could offer a prize / discount code for your first purchase.
  • You can make your emails exchangable by creating beautiful & compelling emails that contain valuable data. Mailchimp provides social-media post builders and share buttons that allow you to spread the word about emails quickly.
  • Mailchimp lets you create a landingpage. One more way to increase your email list is by using landing pages. Landing pages can be created with your best imagery and content to increase email signups.

Is it possible to buy an email address?

No.Mailchimp customers who purchase lists are less effective than those that were purchased. Many e-mails sent to lists of contacts you have purchased will be identified as spam. You will also experience high unsubscribe rates. Spam filters may flag an email campaign that has been sent to spam by the same IP. Mailchimp sends your email through our servers. If one user sends spam, it may stops others from receiving their emails. Mailchimp stops users from using bought lists to raise delivery.

We also need that all users comply with our Terms & Use, which enforce anti-spam laws. 

Third party lists should not be used. This provides rented or purchased mailing lists, and lists scraped from third party sources like public websites.

You must ask permission. All on your mailing list should have signed up to receive e-mails. If you utilize one of our signup forms, this permission is tracked for you.

  • Include an unsubscribe URL. It would help if you gave recipients a means to unsubscribe from your mailing list under federal anti-spam laws. It would help if you used our unsubscribe button.

Tips for email marketing to get you started

1. Plan your email marketing campaign.

These best practices will help you make planning easier when creating an email marketing strategy.

Define your audience

It does not matter what product / service you offer. It is essential to understand your audience to communicate effectively. Mailchimp allows users to drill down into their segments to receive personalized email messages. This will increase engagement trust and ultimately generate more significant ROI.

Signup sources

The most valuable information your signup form can offer is where and how subscribers signed up for your list. If you are a business that uses Mailchimp to connect to your store, knowing your subscribers’ location can help you better understand how to communicate with them.

Segments and groups

Once you’ve identified smaller numbers of people within your larger audience, you can create groups and segments to send more relevant emails to them. The more relevant your campaign, the better. Sometimes you may want to reach your entire audience. But, segmenting users using Mailchimp’s segmentation tools and segmenting your list can dramatically increase click-through and eCommerce orders.

Decide what to write.

Now that you know your audience, it is time to start thinking about the content. What message do you want your audience to hear? What is your Content Marketing Strategy? Your emails should have a purpose. This will allows you to communicate with your subscribers.

Determine your sending frequency and goals

There are no rules about how many emails you should send your customers. But if they receive too much, your subscribers might unsubscribe or even tune out what your message is. While some users might opt to send their subscribers daily updates via a website, others may send only two times per month to keep them informed. Send your email campaign at your pace. You can also check the click-through and unsubscribe rates to adjust the frequency.

Make a schedule

A content calendar is a best way to ensure that you are on the right track. It allows you to schedule campaigns, posts to your blog, social media posts, and other activities.

Your industry, the content you send (content strategy), and your email frequency will affect your email marketing plan.

2. Create your email designs

Design tips

Focus on your message when designing your email campaigns. Please keep it simple. To make it easy for people to scan your email, we suggest that all the elements be laid out in a hierarchy.

Make your Templates.

Do you want more control over your email design? Mailchimp offers the ability to import your HTML template into HTML code.

3. Test your emails

Test with different email clients and ISPs

Mailchimp is unique in that each email client is created differently. This means that your campaign may look slightly different in the inboxes. Check your email on mobile devices. Responsive designs can cause emails to look further.

Send emails to coworkers and friends.

To preview the campaign in your inbox, send a test mail to any of your friends or colleagues.

The best version of with A/B Testing Campaigns

Is it difficult to decide which subject line will generate the most clicks or opens? Is there a particular time of day when customers are most likely to purchase your campaign? An A/B Test provides you to experiment with different versions and see how they impact your results.

4. Marketing Automation: What You Can Do

An Automation is an email campaign or series of targeted emails that you can set up and forget. Automation allows you to automate your communications with customers. This includes welcome emails series, follow-up emails after a purchase, and rewarding customers with special incentives. To update customers on any investment, they make from your store. You can design and send order notifications.

5. Your performance can be measured.

You can refine your marketing strategy by using the marketing data you have collected in your MailChimp reports.


These statistics can be used to measure campaign engagement. They show how well your campaign content and subject lines resonate with particular lists. However, it is essential to look at how your open rates and click-throughs compare with other companies in your industry. If you don’t, your statistics will be in jeopardy.

E-commerce data

Mailchimp allows you to view the purchase history of your subscribers if you have connected your store with Mailchimp. Subscriber profiles and account dashboards can also be accessed if you have enabled e-commerce link tracking.

Website traffic

Your website and online store can be boosted by the campaigns you send. Mailchimp allows you to sync several integrations with it so that you can track trends in website traffic, e-commerce activity, and more after you send a particular campaign.

Top listed email marketing softwares for succesful marketing

  • GetResponse
  • Active Campaign
  • Moosend
  • Aweber
  • Stripo
  • Hunter
  • SendX
  • Email Octopus


GetResponse empowers companies to do what they love and do it better. Our solutions are tailored for customers who have as many needs as we do. GetResponse, the world’s most popular online marketing software, has evolved from a one-person company in a small Polish village to a worldwide brand that is both rooted and reachable. Global, multicultural, remote-first team that works together to deliver innovative products, solutions, customer service, and support. Their culture keeps them connected and inspired. It relies on everyone’s innovations and contributions throughout the years.

Features of GetResponse

  • Email marketing – Professional templates, easy design tools, and first class deliverability.
  • Website Builder – Promote your business online with an AI-driven, code-free website builder.
  • Webinars – Easy set-up, powerful results with a complete marketing webinar software.
  • Marketing automation – Bring your customer journey to life with automation flows that grow with you.
  • Paid ads – Built-in tools to run and manage your paid campaigns.
  • Landing pages – Tools to design SEO-optimized and revenue-generating pages.
  • Conversion funnel – Prebuilt funnels designed for specific, automated campaigns.
  • Live chat – A live chat solution to connect with your audience online.
  • Web push notifications – A native web push tool to get more people back your website.
  • SMS marketing – Trigger-based SMS Marketing automation.

Pricing of GetResponse

  • FREE START – Up to 500 contacts – $0.00/mo
  • BASIC – 1,000 contacts – $12.3/mo
  • PLUS TOP CHOICE – 1,000 contacts – $40.18/mo
  • PROFESSIONAL – 1,000 contacts – $81.18/mo

Click here to get a free trial month with GetResponse

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign offers you all the tools for email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation you need to create exceptional customer experiences. Growing businesses can make meaningful connections to their customers. ActiveCampaign was designed to provide growing businesses with the tools to compete against larger companies. Our automated, personalized approach allows teams to save time, increase sales, and connect with customers. They give their time and money to social change, both within and beyond our community.

Features of Active Campaign

  • 2-year price lock
  • Free online training
  • Only pay for marketable contacts
  • Free support for every customer
  • Free migration
  • You own your data
  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Powerful Marketing Automation
  • Smart CRM
  • Website Messaging
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Integrated Forms
  • Site Tracking
  • Training and Support

Pricing of Active Campaign

  • Lite – $9.00/mo
  • Plus – $49.00/mo
  • Professional – $149.00/mo
  • Enterprise – $259.00/mo

Click here to get a free trial month with Active Campaign


Create intelligent email campaigns that get results. They don’t care about size. You can trust them to deliver powerful emails that will get read and clicked regardless of your company’s size. They’re also beautiful. Your marketing tasks can be simplified, and you can reach your goals by pressing a button. Moosend’s advanced automation tools will help you save time and make your email marketing more efficient. No more blah blah for your subscribers. You can surprise them with relevant emails they are interested in reading and increase your open and click rates. It’s easy to create beautiful landing pages within minutes. With our feature-packed editor, you can grow your mailing list 24/7, collect valuable information effortlessly, and share your forms across your online channels.

Features of Moosend

  • Drag & Drop Email Editor
  • A/B Testing
  • Data Analytics
  • List Segmentation
  • Email Automation Templates
  • Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  • Website and User Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Personalization
  • Product Recommendations
  • Weather-Based Recommendations
  • Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder
  • Premade Templates
  • Ultrafast Loading Pages
  • Separate Mobile Editor
  • Drag & drop Editor
  • Visibility Options
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Anti-bot Protection

Pricing of Moosend

  • Free Trial – Try all of our features for free – 30 days
  • Pro – All features – $9/mo

Click here to get a free trial month with Moosend


Simple email marketing software for small businesses that do 90% for you. You have the rest!

AWeber loves helping entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their goals. We love helping our customers build stronger relationships with their customers and growing their businesses. They are a diverse group of people located across the country. Our team is 100% remote-first, meaning we can work from home while still impacting people around the globe. We value collaboration and flexibility.

Features of Aweber

  • Automations
  • Segmentation
  • Tagging
  • Drag & Drop
  • Email Designer
  • Free Stock Images
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Auto-Newsletters
  • Pre-built Templates

Pricing of Aweber

  • AWeber Pro – $16.15 per Month

Click here to get a free trial month with Aweber


Stripo evolved from a simple email editor to an all-in-one email design platform that allows its users to create HTML emails, AMP email, and download emails as PDF, HTML, or PSD files. It is compatible with more than 60 ESPs, CRMs, and email clients.

Stripo makes email production easier. It now boasts over 500 000 users across 182 countries.

Features of Stripo

  • Modules Library
  • HTML & CSS Code Editor
  • Email Templates
  • Export Options
  • AMP for Email
  • Customer Support
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stripo Translation
  • Custom Fonts
  • Email Annotations Builder
  • Data Service/Source
  • User Roles and Permissions

Pricing of Stripo

  • Business – $10.42 per month
  • Agency – $33.33 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Stripo


Hunter makes it easy to find professional email addresses quickly and connect with those necessary for your business. Hunter’s mission allows professionals to connect with people that matter. They are a small team of people that help professionals connect with new people. They are responsible for making our product easier to use and more powerful. We are a remote team that works from Europe, America, and Asia.

Features of Hunter

  • Domain Search – Find the email addresses of a company.
  • Email Finder-Find the email address of a professional.
  • Email Verifier- Verify any email address.
  • Campaigns – Simple cold email campaigns.
  • Integrations – Connect to your favorite application.

Pricing of Hunter

  • Starter – $49 /mo
  • Growth -$99 /mo
  • Pro – $199 /mo
  • Enterprise – $399 /mo

Click here to get a free trial month with Hunter


SendX makes being a responsible email marketer easy. Send campaigns, build your email list, and automate marketing. Unlimited emails. 24/7 support. They exist to help web companies increase their revenue through email marketing. They achieve this by developing better software for marketing that, instead of focusing on vanity metrics like clicks and opens, generates revenue and converts more. SendX is a SAAS Value Business. We are determined to maximize our business capital.

Features of SendX

  • Email Campaigns
  • Embedded Sign Up Forms
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Email Pop Up Forms
  • Email Automation
  • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Email Editor
  • Dedicated IP
  • APIs [Javascript + REST]
  • Email Marketing Landing Page
  • A/B Testing
  • Embed A Video Inside Drip Emails
  • Import Contacts Into A List
  • Integrate Google Analytics To Landing Pages
  • Send Promotional Emails
  • Integgrations
  • Free Responsive Email Templates
  • 500,000+ Free Stock Photos
  • Free Migration Service
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • Click Heatmap For Email Campaigns
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • User Tags & Contact Management
  • Click Heatmap For Email Campaigns
  • Email List And Management
  • Smart Email Campaigns

Pricing of SendX

  • Business plan – subscribers (1-1000) – $7.49 per month
  • Business plan – subscribers (1001-2500) – $14.99 per month
  • Business plan – subscribers (2501-5000) – $29.99 per month
  • Business plan – subscribers (5001-10000) – $39.99 per month
  • Business plan – subscribers (10001-15000) – $44.99 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with SendX

Email Octopus

Email Octopus’ goal is to simplify email marketing and make it more intuitive and valuable. They will save you money. They will not compromise on their delivery ability. They’re passionate about providing excellent service with a personal touch. Over 50,000 people have used their services to send over 19 billion emails. EmailOctopus will allow you to be part of a talented and close-knit group passionate about helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups grow.

Features of Email Octopus

  • Grow your audience – Import existing subscribers and keep growing with customisable forms for your website. Or create stunning landing pages to capture more subscribers.
  • Build beautiful emails – Start with a pre-designed template and customise it with the easy-to-use email editor. Or build your own designs from scratch. Import HTML templates for full creative control.
  • Set campaigns on autopilot – Save time and reach new subscribers while they’re most engaged with an automated welcome series. Simple drip campaigns onboard new customers and show them what you’re all about.
  • Tailor your messages – Use insights and data to segment your subscribers into target audiences. Tag contacts to keep your data tidy and send highly targeted emails to boost engagement.
  • Analyse the results – Keep track of your open, click and bounce rates with straightforward campaign reporting. See what’s working at a glance or dive into more detail with historical activity for your contacts.
  • Connect with your favourite apps – Integrate with your favourite apps like Shopify, Gravity Forms and Squarespace to directly import new subscribers into EmailOctopus.

Pricing of Email Octopus

  • Pro – $ 24 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Email Octopus