Top Ways to Become a Better Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is overgrowing and fierce competition, so staying ahead of the curve is vital. These seven tips can help you become a better digital marketing professional.

Digital marketing is overgrowing and fierce competition, so it’s vital to stay ahead of your competitors. Here are seven top ways to excel in digital marketing, no matter if you’re starting your career or looking for ways to upgrade your skills over time.

1. Learn online courses

It’s easy to work online, so why not learn online too?

There are many resources available to acquire new skills, learn advanced techniques and broaden your digital marketing horizons.

These certifications and courses will help with your resume. They’ll also help to accomplish more in your workday.

Google Academy for Ads can be a great place to start. You will receive training on everything, from Google AdWords & Analytics to mobile site design principles and digital sales.

This training started back when Google Engage was launched. It has only grown over the years.

Learn more about SEO by taking courses at the SEMrush Academie and inbound marketing with HubSpot Agency. These are both free options.

Do you want to learn code? Sites like Codecademy provide good courses for free, and you can also purchase additional in-depth training.

There are always paid websites (e.g., Udemy or Lynda), with hundreds of courses covering everything from project management to graphic design.

Digital marketers who excel are sponges. They soak up all the available training.

Do not turn down an opportunity to learn, whether it’s directly related to your job role or tangential.

2.Digital Marketing Resources:

You will need to commit so much time to taking courses, but microlearning opportunities are also available.

Take a look at industry publications such as Search Engine Journal during your morning commute. Follow industry experts, SEO, HTMLPC, and relevant CMOS via Twitter.

Google Alerts are a way to get alerts about critical terms in your industry. Google and Facebook are big players, so keep an eye out for updates on the company blog.

You will not only be kept as on industry news but you’ll also be exposed and encouraged to discuss exciting concepts. These ideas will be a great asset to your work life.

3. Talk at Events/Conferences

Speaking at events will give you confidence and share your knowledge in an interactive format.

My career began when I attended a local SEMPO Conference and asked if they would consider me speaking at their next event. It was both exciting and scary, as this would be my first significant speaking engagement.

Speaking at this event was a chance to meet local marketers and gain insight.

This was crucial to me as a young entrepreneur.

It was both thrilling and intimidating. It doesn’t necessarily have to be before a group of experts.

Increase the quality of your content with keyword intent analysis

Semrush’s keyword-intent metric makes it easier than ever to align keywords with the correct audience and create the right content.

Maybe you can host a workshop with small business owners or lecture to students. Or have a chat with people interested in learning about digital marketing basics.

Do you want to get your foot in that door? You can start by attending a local meeting for digital marketing. It will expose you to networking opportunities and allow you to have meaningful conversations without feeling pressured.

If you build strong relationships, growth opportunities will come.

4. Be a content creator.

It is the best way to increase your digital marketing skills than by creating.

Talking about digital marketing is a great way to refine your concepts and values. It’s also a great way to find new ideas through research.

  • If the opportunity arises, you can maintain a personal blog or create articles for your business.
  • Host/guest on a digital marketing podcast.
  • Video, Facebook Live, or something more complex when you have something to share.
  • Use social media to mingle with others and post.
  • You can host or take part in a webinar.

All you have to be alert and keep your eyes open.

It would help if you also looked for ways to reuse, condense, or expand the content. You can use the same concepts from your guide in an infographic. Or, talk about them in your next vlog.

5. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is a way for you to meet new people if you’re an in-house marketer. If you are a social media specialist, volunteering can allow you to experience other offerings, such as paid ads.

As a young digital marketer, I was able to help a local charity sign up for the Google Ad Grants Program. As they lacked resources and expertise in digital marketing, this made a significant difference.

I was also exposed to paid advertisements and gained the skills to recommend this program to clients. The experience was enriching, and you can make a positive difference while learning new skills.

Volunteering is a great way to network and lead to new business opportunities. It is incredible how many times I have been able to help someone or a business with small favors and managed to land a great client thanks to that connection.

6. Experiment

Experimenting is a great way for you to grow your skills.

This is easier to do when you are younger and have more free time. As your company grows, you will have less time to experiment and do fun projects.

One of my most memorable experiments was when I did live SEO case studies and maintained a public blog throughout the process.

Flippa notified me that was sold for more than $100,000. To satisfy my curiosity, I checked out because I live in Canada.

This experience sparked the idea to build a lead generation site. We then documented the entire process step-by. I consider the live case study a turning point in my career, as it allowed me to be exposed internationally to the digital marketing community.

SEO has always been something that I disliked. Many SEO experts claim it is a “secret” or “magic” solution. Process and transparency are two of my strongest beliefs.

You can achieve results if you are patient and follow a series of steps.

The live case study reinforced these values, which showed the exact steps required and the result generated without any fluff.

This was an experiment I conducted for myself. I learned much from the process, made relationships with my followers, and used the experience to grow my career.

There are many different ways to experiment.

It’s exciting to realize that you could apply the principles from the gimmick experiment to your work for multi-national clients once the hypothesis has been proved.

7. Make it a memorable experience.

Committing errors and learning from them is part of the journey to experience. Many traits will allow you to gain meaningful experience.

If you’re a digital marketer, success is yours if:

  • Dynamic.
  • Open-minded.
  • Inquisitive.
  • Relentless.
  • Resilient.

Eliminate the word “I can’t” in your vocabulary. Refuse the temptation to stay in your comfort zone. Be a problem-solver and embrace challenges. Try to learn something new each day. Even though it seems insignificant, small achievements can lead to meaningful skill development.