Twitter To Let Users Filter Unwanted Replies

Twitter is currently working on an update feature that will let users remove replies that might be unwelcome.

Users of Twitter are soon able to remove offensive and potentially harmful messages by using an automated reply filter.

The new feature was discovered by an app developer Jane Manchun Wong, who posted a picture on Twitter:

Twitter is currently working to develop a “Reply filter” — a way to block “potentially not-welcome” responses.”

-Jane Manchun Wong Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 19, 2022

Twitter suggests that the reply filter will accomplish the following:

“Replies to tweets you’ve posted that contain potentially offensive or harmful language will be blocked and posted here. The public can still view the replies.

Remember that we employ technology to aid us in identifying the responses. So, although we’re always learning the way we do it, we’re not getting it all the time.”

Under the privacy and security settings, users can switch the reply filter on or off by turning the toggle switch.

There’s no option to alter the filter. It’s either turned on or off.

Twitter admits that it could accidentally block replies that aren’t harmful. That means this part in the privacy and security panel is worth checking in case you don’t see something you’d like to look up.

Filtering Doesn’t Mean Censoring

One primary thing to remember in this case is that the replies filtered will be available to different accounts on Twitter. They’re not filtered out of the stream of replies that appear in the notification tab.

In the same way, Twitter isn’t censoring tweets. It’s unlikely that anyone else will know when specific tweets are filtered out of the viewpoint of the person who wrote the tweet.

This filter aims to minimize the negative aspects of Twitter users or account managers.

The ability to avoid a lot of toxic tweets within a day can benefit a person’s mental health. In addition, it gives you satisfaction knowing that you can review your tweets without having to read something you didn’t.

Twitter also gives users the option of restricting the replies completely. Still, it’s almost a detriment to the goal of joining the social network if they are unwilling to engage in a conversation.

The reply filters are a passive method of handling unwanted comments.

It’s unclear when the feature will become made available to all users. We’ll release a new update once it’s officially released.