Google Ads Rolls Out Diagnostic Insights

Google informs advertisers about potential diagnostic issues that could adversely affect campaign performance.

Google Ads has added a new data set on the Insights page. This will highlight any issues discovered during diagnostic checks.

You can use diagnostic insights to identify issues that prevent campaigns from showing. This could include low engagement or making it difficult to measure conversions.

These data are available on the Performance Max Insights and Overview pages. This allows you to troubleshoot any issues that may be present quickly.

Google Ads will give you a breakdown of these insights:

  • Status of your account
  • Billing status
  • Review of policies
  • Tracking conversion
  • Campaign budget
  • Bid strategy target
  • Campaign status
  • Ad power

Tailored recommendations take the guesswork out of fixing issues Google discovers so your campaign can perform at its best in no time.

Previewed in May, diagnostic insights in Google Ads were made public with an announcement that they would be available soon. The launch took place two months later.

Google Ads Diagnostic Insights

Diagnostic insights are only available for campaigns that have not received traffic or converted.

There will not be any diagnostic issues if your campaign is still running.

Google Insights is currently in beta and has not yet been made available to everyone.

Google is slowly rolling out each insight type to random people. This means that you might have the Insights pages with limited data.

Diagnostic insights for Performance Max campaigns are currently available. Over the next few months, this new dataset will be expanded to include other types of campaigns.