Google’s New Local Search Features Are Finally Here

Google has launched several local search options announced at its annual Search On conference months ago.

Google finally launched the local search features first shown earlier in the year. This includes searching your surrounding area with your phone’s camera.

Google’s Search On the virtual conference was held in September. People were abuzz about its innovative updates for local Search.

Google has previewed a search option that allows you to search restaurants by dish and a new search capability integrated into Google Maps’ Live View.

These updates, and many more, are now available. Here is a list of local search updates that are available today.

Google’s New Local Search Features Are Finally Here
Google’s New Local Search Features Are Finally Here

Google Local Search Updates

Search with Live View

Search with Google Maps Live View will be available in London, Los Angeles, and New York starting next week.

Live View Search allows you to utilize the camera on your phone to search for information about local places. You can search if a business is currently open, its popularity, price range, star rating, and whether it is closed.

Search for Restaurants by Dish

Two new methods exist to locate restaurants in your area.

You can search for restaurants that offer a specific dish by typing it in manually or using Google Lens to perform a visual search.

Google’s multi-search near me feature is now available in English in the U.S.

Locate Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Google has added a filter to search for electric vehicle charger stations to make it easier to locate fast chargers.

Look for “EV charging stations” in the search engine. Select the “fast charger” filter. Stations with 50 kW chargers or more will be displayed.

You can filter stations that offer your plug type in other countries.

These features are now available on Android and iOS for countries with EV charging stations.

Search for Wheelchair-Accessible Places in More Countries

The ability to search Google for wheel chair-accessible, stair-free places is now available worldwide.

If the business has an accessible entrance, turn on “Accessible Places” in the Google Maps App.

If a location isn’t wheelchair-accessible, you’ll see the same icon with a strikethrough.