Local Video Marketing 4 Ways To Win With Video

Local video marketing can help you increase your online presence and local presence. Discover how to build trust with your customers through 7 social media platforms.

Video marketing has seen a massive increase in popularity and impact since 2005’s birth of YouTube.

YouTube revolutionized the video game by allowing users to upload, post, and market their videos directly through the search engine.

Today, more than 2.6 billion use this platform.

YouTube is one of many players in town.

Vimeo, TikTok, and Facebook all offer powerful video marketing capabilities that help businesses get discovered.

Local businesses can use video marketing to increase traffic, reach more clients, and grow online.

These four strategies will help you build your local video marketing strategy.

Local Video Marketing 4 Ways To Win With Video
Local Video Marketing 4 Ways To Win With Video

Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Local businesses have a lot to gain from video.

Many people assume that video marketing is only for online businesses. However, video marketing can have many benefits in the local market.

Local Video Marketing

  • Website traffic – Publishing videos online and optimizing clicks can drive more people to your site.
  • Revenue growth Video-marketing can influence buying decisions & generate more revenue for your local business.
  • Brand awareness Video helps increase visibility for your company on a wider variety of platforms.
  • Trust and authority – Posting valuable content can help build trust and authority with your audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Embed videos into your articles, and web pages can make your site appear in Google images or organic searches.
  • Backlinks – Videos can enhance your content and encourage others to link to it. This is great for SEO and referral traffic.
  • Email Marketing: Videos are a great addition to your email campaigns and drive more engagement and clicks.
  • Advertising – Many video platforms offer paid advertising options to increase clicks and revenue for your business.
  • Local presence – Creating videos about your local community or events can help you reach more people in your area.
  • Relevance Creating engaging and relevant videos can help support existing marketing campaigns, educate users about your business and increase your digital footprint.

Local Video Marketing: How to Win

Recent research shows that 70% of viewers have purchased from a brand after watching its YouTube video content.

Video marketing is an opportunity that’s available to local businesses.

Here are some ways you can make video work for your local company.

1. Get traffic with educational videos

Small businesses often need more resources and reach to get organic web traffic. Local companies can drive more traffic through SEO using educational video content.

Online users are constantly searching for information.

You can increase your website traffic if you can market educational content relevant to their interests.

TubeBuddy and Semrush allow you to search for keywords on YouTube and Google.

You can make videos that target these topics based on their volume and competition levels.

Let’s say, for instance, that you own a small law office.

You can create educational videos around:

  • “Tips for hiring a Divorce-Lawyer” (260 searches per Month).
  • “Divorce mediation tips & tricks” (170 searches per Month).
  • “adoption-laws” for your state (390 searches per Month).

YouTube will optimize your description, video title, and tags for the targeted keywords you want to rank for.

The video can be published on YouTube or embedded on your site.

This will increase your site’s organic traffic and your industry’s authority.

2. Get Trust with Product Highlights

Consumers today are more skeptical about “scams” or false advertising claims.

Educated consumers will be more inclined to invest in brands they trust.

Video marketing is an excellent way of building trust in your brand.

Demos of products and tutorials are a great way to show the features and benefits of your products.

Show potential customers how you might use your product and what features it has in their daily lives. Sometimes showing is better than explaining!

If you need more than your blog articles or web page copy, you can add product highlight videos to encourage customers to purchase from you.

If someone comes to your shop and then visits your website, a helpful video might convince them to buy.

You can also rank your video on YouTube and Google if you can find keywords you want to target.

This can help you drive online sales if your website has eCommerce functionality.

3. Use Video Content to Repurpose on Social Media

Marketing is a challenge for small, local businesses.

Sometimes, the market is smaller than it appears and there can be fierce competition.

Because small businesses often have limited marketing resources, getting the most bang for your buck becomes even more critical.

This is where content repurposing can help.

Instead of creating unique assets through repurposing, you can “reuse” your video content across different platforms.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • You can conduct a Facebook Live video chat via the Facebook page of your local business.
  • The Facebook Live video can then be downloaded to your computer and uploaded to YouTube.
  • Edit your video, save it to YouTube and upload it to YouTube.
  • These video clips can be re-shared on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Once your YouTube video is live, embed it in your blog post.
  • Then, you can link your blog article with your email marketing campaign.

In this example, you’re turning one video into several pieces of content that can be used across seven platforms (YouTube.com, Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. website, and email).

This is an easy way to save time and money in your video marketing efforts.

4. Increase your connection with company bios and testimonials

Customers want to feel connected with the brand they plan to purchase from.

This is especially true for businesses located near their community.

This can be done through video content.

To build relationships with customers, there are several video options.

Team Bios

To build trust between your users and your business, have your team members share exciting facts about their hobbies, passions, and experiences.


Ask your customers if they would be willing to give video testimonials about your products and services. This will help you build trust with potential customers.


You can host an “ask the professional” session to help potential customers learn more about your industry, products, or company.


Expert-led walkthroughs allow you to show your product or service in action (live or prerecorded).

Event Recap

Consider recording your experience at a local event and adding your comments for a post-event review. Depending on the event’s popularity, it may be searchable via Google or YouTube.

Community engagement

Is your business involved in volunteering, scholarship programs, or other activities that benefit your community? Your team can be seen in action by recording their work and displaying it on your Community Initiatives webpage.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows for real-time interaction you won’t find on other platforms. You can ask questions and interact with your audience live digitally.

Video content can add a personal touch to your marketing.

You can foster a relationship with potential customers, which may encourage a visit to your shop or local business.

Video Marketing to Reach More Local Customers

Video marketing is not just for online businesses.

The video can also be used to benefit local businesses in innovative ways.

Even though it may not have an online sales goal, video marketing can foster trust and connection with potential customers.

Video marketing can be used in many different ways.

Video is a powerful tool to increase your online and offline presence through team bios, educational videos, Facebook Live, or other mediums.