How To Use Chatbots In Your Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love automation? The marketing industry indeed loves automation. Chatbots and Marketing combine to make a fantastic combination. Chatbots have made a significant impact on businesses’ Marketing Strategies.

Chatbots are computer programs that can do specific tasks on their own. These actions focus primarily on having personalized conversations. This is why they are called “ChatBots.”

AI is the engine that powers most of these bots. They can interact with users and engage with them in meaningful conversations.

Why Chatbots?

Before discussing how you can incorporate chatbots into digital marketing strategies, let’s first understand why you should.

1. They Save a Lot Of Time

Your team and you will be faced with many business decisions. Tasks like sending emails, answering customer queries, or reaching out to prospects individually on social media can distract you from the crucial decisions. This is where bots come in. Bots can efficiently perform these repetitive tasks, allowing you more time to make critical decisions.

2. They Are Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes

Chatbots are universal. They are rare marketing tools that fit into any business’s strategy. Bots can be used to assist SMEs and Start-Ups with excellent efficiency. Different companies have used chatbots in different ways.

3.They Help Bring Warmth To Your Business

Long waiting times and unanswered queries can frustrate even the most patient user. Chatbots prevent this. AI-powered chatbots can communicate with viewers at an emotional level through artificial intelligence. Chatbots make it easy to greet your visitors and answer any questions.

How to incorporate chatbots into your marketing strategy?

Chatbots are great for marketing. However, the real challenge is to understand the stages of the marketing funnel to use chatbots for the best results.

These six unique ways chatbots can be integrated into your marketing strategy are just a few.

1. Create email lists

Lead magnets can be a great way of generating leads and collecting email IDs.

It would help if you planned them out much more. Lead magnets should be compelling enough to persuade website visitors to submit their information in return for your offer.

Chatbots make the process more engaging and fun for the lead.

Chatbots are a way to have meaningful conversations with visitors. They can then understand their needs and ask them for information.

So visitors are more likely to submit their details, and leads can be generated.

2. Generate Qualified Leads

A chatbot can help you with more than just attracting prospects or generating leads.

Chatbots can also be created to help you qualify leads.

This can be achieved by a lead qualification bot, which asks Case-specific queries to the leads and engages users in meaningful conversations.

3. They Can Speak For Your

The best website content can be engaging. Sometimes, though, it is not sufficient for an impatient visitor.

Chatbots can help you here, too.

Chatbots are a way to create conversation starters and introduce your brand or products to site visitors.

Chatbots can be a more effective business representative as they provide information in smaller chunks to the user rather than overwhelming them with too much detail. This gives the user enough time to process the data.

4. Recommend Products

Do you remember that one store where the staff was so kind that you go back every time you need to purchase something?

This is the power of friendly conversation.

Chatbots can have a friendly personality and guide people through your products. They can answer basic questions and even recommend the best products for them.

Amazon generated 35% in revenue from bot recommendations.

5. Ask for Reviews

To grow a business, testimonials and recommendations are all that are needed.

But we are asking clients to give you a little extra to tell a story or complete a form. For clients, that little effort can seem like a lot.

Chatbots are also a great option. Chatbots can be created to represent you, and clients can give reviews.

This could be as simple as a client simply typing it in a chatbox on Facebook or WhatsApp to express their feelings instead of having to complete a form.

6. Take Surveys

Surveys can help you gain a deep understanding of your customers, their reactions to your products, and what they are expecting from you in the future.

A chatbot can be created that collects surveys from your target audiences through friendly exchange of ideas.

The best thing about this is that the boys can adapt to your audience’s platform.

7) Offer Quick Customer Support

Chatbots could address customer concerns and other questions related to functionality. Live Customer Service is also available.

Chatbots are faster for businesses than email.

You can use your Chatbot to exchange or return products with an eCommerce store.

Chatbots excel at this task. They are swift.

Just as your customers would desire.

Get your Chatbot set up and start to develop your bot strategy.

Building a Chatbot Marketing Strategy

The number of bots available online is increasing due to the increase in businesses. While it’s OK to follow the latest trends, it’s wrong to be one of the crowd. This is why it is essential to create a bot that stands apart.

Here are a few tips to ensure your bot is a true show-stealer.

1. Give your bot a personality

Your Chatbot must also have a tone. You can give your Chatbot personality by doing this. You can also share your chatbot name. Chatbots with limited information are more likely to be viewed as a person than a chatbot with a character and personality.

2. Let people learn

It is just as essential to advertise your Chatbot as building one. Use social media to talk about your bot, whether it’s on your website or any other advertising platform. Make your bot a household name. Trust is built when you are upfront about having a bot representative from your brand. Additionally, chatbots might be considered more serious.

3. Don’t just use them to replace the lead magnets

Chatbots can replace lead magnets well, but there are more. Your chatbots will make your user feel more essential and help you understand them better. Chatbots can empathize with the user and reach out to them emotionally. Make use of this feature to increase conversational marketing’s effectiveness.

Here are few Chatbot tools for your to help your marketing  strategy

  • Landbot
  • Manychat
  • Tidio
  • Messengerbot
  • is a platform that allows anyone to build a chatbot with simple drag-and-drop sentence templates. These bots can easily be copied-paste installed and will be accessible 24×7. Instant email notifications will go out to customers when visitors respond. The chatbot can be created in multiple languages. They can set the chatbot to open at a specific time and place. They can track chatbot conversations and integrate that data into any marketing tool. The visualization tools allow users to see the customer’s responses to the chatbot. This will enable them to understand the needs of their customers better. Collect. chat will use this information to help users improve their business offerings.

Features of

  • Drag & drop builder
  • Meeting booking
  • Lead generation
  • 50% Less spending on sales
  • 24×7 Availability of business
  • 3 Times more conversions
  • 0 Effort on collecting data

Pricing of

  • Lite – $24.0/month
  • Standard – $49.0/month
  • Plus – $99.0/month

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No-Code Chatbot Builder is the most potent chatbot builder. Convert leads, get data, personalize client journeys, and capture data in real-time. Automated conversations convert more traffic. You can capture attention, establish more robust relationships, and achieve higher conversion rates. Effectively and without any coding, You can convert visitors into loyal customers quicker with instant messaging. Simple-to-setup integrations can help you empower conversations.

Features of Landbot

  • Multi-Use Custom Bricks
  • Design Templates for Quick Deployment
  • Codeless Formatting
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Nocode WhatsApp Business API solution
  • Offer Multi-Channel Experiences
  • Human Takeover & Chat Manager

Pricing of Landbot

  • Starter – $30.0/month
  • Professional – $80.0/month
  • Business – Custom

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Engage with your customers immediately. You can automate interactive conversations using Instagram Direct Messages (Facebook Messenger) and SMS to help grow your business. The mission of ManyChat is to help companies grow through building meaningful relationships and trust with their customers. ManyChat wants to simplify the marketing for small businesses. This will allow them to grow and make the world a better one. Every entrepreneur has their own unique story. However, they are not experts in marketing, like launching campaigns or acquiring leads. You can lose your business if you don’t master the marketing aspects. Marketing is not a job. It’s personal for small businesses. It’s their daily life. It’s how they provide for their family and themselves.

They can help you market and grow your business to achieve your dreams. They can focus more on their craft and tell their stories to build lasting relationships with customers.

Features of Manychat

  • Built for Sales and Marketing
  • Build Automation Quickly
  • Combine with SMS and Email
  • Get More Out of the Tools You Already Use

Pricing of Manychat

  • Pro  version – $15.0/month

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Tidio can be connected to ALL industry-leading sites and platforms through dedicated integrations. Customer service is fantastic, but it can be even more effective when combined with increased sales. Tidio is a combination of chatbot and live chat to enable you to offer exceptional customer service and more sales. It is a powerful and all-in-one tool for customer service.

Features of Tidio

  • Simple installation within 5 minutes
  • Empower your customer support team
  • Answer any channel from one place
  • Generate more sales
  • Your virtual AI supporter
  • Live Chat

Pricing of Tidio

  • Chatbots – $39.0/month
  • Communicator – $15.0/month

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Our AI will intelligently respond to any comment, or message users leave based on what they have said! You can reply to any user’s comment or message on Facebook, Instagram, or other websites in just a few clicks using pre-made templates. You can create automated flows that interact with users based on their behavior to increase sales.

Features of Messengerbot

  • Multilingual & Looks Amazing On Any Device
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Drastically Lower Cost Per Lead and Sale
  • Messenger eCommerce Store
  • Unlimited Sequence Messages and Bulk Sends
  • 0 Code Flow Builder + Done For You Templates
  • Email Auto-Responder, Broadcast, Sequence, Subscribe, and Templates
  • Facebook Comment Moderation, Automation, Post, & Reply Tools
  • Live or Automated Website Chat
  • Subscriber Builder, Importer, Manager, and Sync
  • WooCommerce Sync and Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Zapier + JSON API + Google Sheets Integrations

Pricing of Messengerbot

  • Premium – $4.99/month
  • Pro – $14.99/month
  • Agency  – $149.99/month

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Features of

  • Expedited Sales & Support via Instant Messaging
  • A Holistic View of Customer Conversations
  • Your Customers Favorite Channels, One API
  • Collaborate and respond lightning fast
  • All your customer chats in one place
  • Automated Message more, work less

Pricing of

  • Pro – $29.0/month
  • Business – $79.0+/month
  • Enterprise – $399.0+/month

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