How to Use SEO to Build Company Brand Awareness

Increasing company branding awareness is one of the most critical tasks for marketers and brand managers. This is not an simple work, but it is necessary.

SEO has been a critical component in building brand awareness. But, the role of SEO has changed over the years. The days of the early internet are gone. Digital marketers flood their landing pages with top keywords and their brand name for high rankings on search engines.

It would help with a strategic SEO strategy to raise company brand awareness.

Search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, complex, and user-friendly as technology improves. The US had almost $80 Billion in SEO marketing spending by 2020. Brands now compete in a boisterous global market to top it all.

SEO can help you lift your brand above the rest. How do we know this? Because it has been done before.

Let’s take a look. Hunter Branch was the founder and SEO Consultant at Rank Tree. He saw firsthand how SEO could increase brand awareness.

“I have been working since 2017 with one of the biggest clients, a writing coach. He was an accomplished author when I first started working with him. However, he didn’t have as much website traffic as you would expect. He averaged 20k visitors per month from organic searches for his name and books.

“Since he was only transitioning to being an online writer coach, we decided on a full-blown SEO content strategy. He receives on average 140k organic visitors per day. It’s all great, but the real reason he is well-known as one the most respected online writing coaches is that he has a high traffic average of 140k visitors per month. Because he ranks in the top 3 organic results of some of the most popular writing-related keywords, aspiring authors flood his email list and ask for his guidance

We now know that SEO can help increase brand awareness for a business. What is the central question?

So we went to the dark side of marketing to get the best SEO tips for increasing brand awareness. Here are their opinions.

How to Use Search Engine Optimization to Build Brand Awareness

1. Link Building is a Strategy

It can be hard work building links. But, the SERP of a page is affected by the number and quality of links from referring domains. This is more than any other factor.

You will have greater brand recognition for your target audience the higher you appear in search results. It is almost a given that link building should be part of your strategy.

What are the best ways to get these highly-coveted links?

Joyce Chou, Content Marketing Strategist at, believes that quality content is the key to success.

“Comprehensive how-to guides, as well as free downloadable templates (all gates), are some of our favorite pieces of content. We can get more quality links via guest posting, email outreach, and natural, unsolicited links. This, in turn, improves our search performance .”

Chou and her colleagues have successfully secured significant brands as customers using this exact technique. Congratulations,

Chris Raulf (founder of Boulder SEO marketing) is an expert. He has combined offline and link building to increase brand recognition.

“I teach part-time in an EU Master’s Degree in SEO and Digital Marketing and get invited to speak on conferences all around the world. We continue to add valuable content to our website through these educational and speaking events. The number of backlinks created from relevant websites is only a side effect. These events have significantly improved our SEO results over time and dramatically increased brand awareness. “

2. Optimize Keyword Phrases To hike Organic Search Traffic

“Organic Google visibility is essential to reach your coveted company brand recognition KPI and performance goal,” Marilyn Wilkinson (Copywriter, Digital Marketing Strategist, Full Stack Copywriter) says. You allow your competitors to grab customers searching for products within your industry.

However, it doesn’t seem necessary to explain how to optimize your content using keywords. Given that SEO and increasing organic presence were the top priorities for 61% of marketers in 2020, we assume you know the basics. We will give you an additional push and show how SEO can help brand awareness.

Marilyn continued: “Ranking high doesn’t only make it easier to find potential customers, but it’s also an indicator of credibility and social proof.” This is especially important as scrolling through long lists of search results is becoming passé .”

One thing that we recommend is focusing more on long-tail keywords. These have a 3-5% better click rate than generic search.

Marilyn has another tip to offer. Structured data is often underestimated, but it is essential for rich snippets containing product images and reviews.

“Elements including featured snippets (or Knowledge Graphs), local packs, and People Also Ask are proven to drive high click-throughs. This is a best way to generate traffic and brand awareness for your website with no ad spend.”

You can also meet with your target audience during the awareness stage by following the guidance of Pete McAllister (Founder of outreach Pete).

Targeting non-commercial keywords through SEO is a fantastic method to get on the radar of potential customers long before they are set to buy

Bonus Tip. Use Branded Search Terms.

Another tip for optimizing your keyword strategies is to analyze branded search terms. These queries include the brand name.

Branded search terms increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing from your brand because they are familiar with you. Your website’s overall power can be increased by increasing the volume and quality of your branded searches terms.

Your brand’s influence and power through large search volumes can be used to increase your SERP ranking for non-branded keywords. It is possible to spread the love (and rank potential) of solid keywords, associated landing pages, and fledgling keywords.

Nike Golf, Nike’s golfing brand, was able to leverage its SEO by strategically employing keyword phrases, resulting in a 169% rise in organic search traffic. Nike Golf had to overcome a lack of focus keywords to direct customers to their site.

Their SEO team used analytics to report keyword data and searched patterns to identify what customers were searching and where they were located. This data gave them a strategy for their keywords and rebuilt their website.

Organic search traffic increased 169%, including both non-branded results and brands. It’s not a bad result.

3. Local SEO

Many multinational brands consider local SEO a waste of resources and time. However, local SEO isn’t about optimizing for a specific area. It means optimizing your content with exact locations in mind.

Imagine your brand is present in every part of North & South America. Is it logical to have one website for all these consumers? It is impossible to have one website that serves all consumers in this situation. You must localize your content. Your content must be appropriate for your target audience, from language to visuals.

According to SEO Roundtable, 46% have local intent. What does this mean exactly? Geo-targeting allows people to find brands that meet their local needs.

Geo-targeting refers to the act of delivering different content based on a user’s location. An LA resident visiting your website may have different needs than someone from San Salvador. Your website should have multiple versions, each with the content designed for that particular location.

What can you do for your local SEO? Many of the tips here can be used to improve your SEO overall, including a mobile-friendly web design and page speed optimizations.

But, you can also add local Schema to your website. You should work on getting backlinks from websites with influence in your niche and location and make sure all your areas have a Google My Business page.

Additionally, you can generate local reviews, which will increase trust signals around your brand and encourage local consumers to give your business a shot. BrightLocal found that local customers are more likely to trust companies with positive reviews than negative thoughts.

Localized content is vital as it will draw the attention of local users. This will let users know that you have created your products and services with their interests in mind, creating an inclusive brand image.

4. Incorporate other channels with SEO

Success is dependent on organic traffic, but it isn’t easy to grow it in today’s highly competitive online marketing environment.

Although it may be more work to integrate SEO with other marketing channels and spend money on paid campaigns to make sure your content is found, the results can be well worth it.

Social media is one example. Social media and SEO are a perfect match for boosting brand awareness and connecting to your target audience.

Social media content gets indexed for one reason. It’s true. Search engine spiders like to crawl and index social networking posts. The only thing you need to do is make sure your posts are pertinent. Otherwise, the nifty indexing won’t take place.

“It is crucial to recognize the indirect effect of social media in your search position and traffic. Publishing great content can be one thing. But promoting it via social channels is another. This is a difficult step in ensuring that your marketing strategy remains coherent.

“Building trust and authority in a company on social media as well as reaching a wider audience helps to bring more people onto your content. This encourages other websites and blogs to link your articles to help with backlink acquisition. This increases brand awareness and boosts SEO performance. “

It’s not enough to post some content and forget. You must build a social network and be there when they need you. Sponsored posts or like/follower campaigns are great ways to do this.

If your organic reach is declining, you can shift some of your marketing budgets towards paid campaigns. Here you can target audiences and keywords to tailor your campaign content. Your posts will reach more consumers and make your brand known. Most importantly, they will direct them to your site.

“Integrated working with SEO and PPC is one of my first experiments when we are looking at brand exposure in this manner.

“The tactic consists of systematic and planned testing to increase organic brand attention both on and off-page. With the incremental reduction (on a keyword by keyword basis or campaign level if larger accounts) in paid CPC

You will reach a pivotal point where you can often increase the combined impressions, clicks, and brand terms for brand terms, decrease your paid spend and thus maximize the advertising ROI across both channels.

This side effect allows you to improve the website’s quality score and brand impact.

What is the central message of this section? Post your content anywhere.

“I believe SEO can massively help branding indirectly in situations where you have content covering your niche far beyond the boundaries of your industry.

“So even though you may not click on a site the first time or second time, seeing them again almost increases your trust. You can even start actively looking for them if you click and love what you see.

“Here is a good example of what I mean:”

There are many SEO blogs out there, but he recollects only seeing two websites over and over.

5. Concentrate on the Top of the Funnel Content

Optimized content is more likely to get traffic and leads. It’s not a myth.

Although we have already talked about long-tail keywords, your content must be unique and high-quality. You must also make sure it is the right kind of content – the type that your target audience is looking at during the awareness stage.

Steven van Vessum (VP of Community, ContentKing) was asked how SEO helps increase brand awareness. His immediate response was “creating top of the funnel content,” which is the content people want in the initial stages of their customer journey.

“Imagine that you are a digital nomad searching for a backpack. Searches like “rucksack to the traveler” or “rucksack to travel” will likely be the first thing you do. You might think I was trying to attract your attention as a rucksack manufacturer. I would produce a comparison page that explains the pros and cons of each rucksack.

Your brand will benefit from this comparison page, which helps build trust and credibility. If you are a customer and have decided which rucksack you want to buy .”, then I make it more likely for you to visit my website.

Davor Bomestar is the CEO of Fortis Agency and supports this point. He explains why top/of-the-funnel information is vital during the awareness stage.

“Top of the funnel content has one goal: to move people down the funnel and make them customers or leads.” Be sure to cover topics that are similar to your target audience .”

If you are lucky enough, there may be some content already on your website that can easily be reused or updated to reach your targeted audience in their awareness phase. You should remove irrelevant content. You do not want your reputation to be damaged by providing outdated and off-topic content.

Lesley Vos is a content strategist at She shared some tips with us about updating old content to increase brand awareness.

“Reconsider updating pages that are 6-12 months old have enough backlinks for competition and match search intent. It’s unnecessary to update posts listed in the SERP’s top 3. The top 15 articles should be your goal so that they can reach the first Google search page.

“Updating doesn’t just involve updating old information. It would be helpful to fix all broken things: old links, outdated statistics, grammar errors, bad grammar, etc. Rewrite the title and add a table with contents to make it more interesting. Google’s featured keywords will be available to you. And don’t forget to change the publishing date. Both search engines and users won’t notice anything published after 2015. “

6. You should create the right content for your audience

It doesn’t matter how much you make top-of-the-funnel content and what keywords you use in your text; if your audience isn’t getting the right type, it will be challenging to increase brand awareness.

Georgios Chasiotis was the Managing Director of MINUTTIA and had many words to say on this topic.

SEO is a traditional channel that has proven to be one of the most effective ways to drive consistent traffic, raise brand awareness and grow. SEO has seen a shift from an SEO model that placed keyword intent at the top of SEO-related activities to one that uses it instead. It is crucial to find search intent, satisfy it through valuable and actionable content, and provide a seamless experience for visitors.

This is why search intent classification has become so important. Your products and services will eventually become more popular if you satisfy search intent. While there are technical aspects to these things, let’s not get too complicated.

SEO is not difficult. And, it’s (still) one of the best ways to get the word out about your business and how you can help people overcome problems and pain points. PS. This is an excellent resource for all B2Bers .”

“Let’s look at a average but powerful example. Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool that can help you increase search traffic via various outstanding features. Ahrefs Content & Search Engine Optimization strategy focuses on content that a. has SEO potential, b. is helpful to the user/ visitor, and c. promotes a product in a beautiful way and not sales.

“This strategy has been used by many techs and SaaS companies that operate in different industries. Venngage (infographic creator), LearnWorlds(course creation platform), or (“All in one Marketing Platform”) use this strategy to raise awareness about products and perform better organically.

You can see that it’s all about understanding your users’ problems and how they search for them online. Then, it’s about serving the content in the best way possible. This is how you can increase awareness about your product and grow your search traffic

Bonus: Do not Forget to Add Visual Content

Posts using images receive 94% more visits than posts without images. That statistic should be enough for you to consider the visual route. This is a method that thousands of companies have used proven to be effective.

Survey Anyplace Digital Marketer Nigel Lindemann explains how Survey Anyplace started adding charts to its content and is reaping the rewards.

“In our article CPL, we calculated average CPL per channel and industry. We then created a bar chart with our branding. This generated lots of backlinks which were great for SEO. Some outlets also shared or reused it in their content. This helped increase brand awareness and our authority in the niche ).

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