LinkedIn Lets You Add Clickable Links To Photo Posts

LinkedIn has a new way of driving website traffic. Clickable links are included in photos.

LinkedIn has launched a new feature that allows users to add external links to photos they share in posts.

This allows you to drive traffic to the website via your LinkedIn page or your profile.

Geri Silver, LinkedIn’s Creator Manager, shared an example of the new link sticker. The screenshot below reveals how you can add a link to any photo.

Lindsey Gamble, an expert in influencer marketing, shared several screenshots of LinkedIn’s new feature on Twitter. You can place the link sticker on videos of any size.

Although the link text can be customized, it doesn’t seem like there are many options for design. To avoid the same-looking stickers appearing everywhere, you can add emojis.

Availability and Usage Details

You can add link stickers on your photos and videos through the post creation tools within the LinkedIn mobile app.

The desktop interface does not allow you to add link stickers. Users on all platforms can view and click the links when they see posts in their feed.

1Link stickers will be distributed in phases to users so that some people will have them sooner than others.

You will see the chainlink icon button in your LinkedIn mobile app when you create a post if you are eligible.