Meta Rolls Out 6 Updates To Facebook Groups

Meta has released six new updates on Facebook Groups, including Reels and new tools for managing admins.

Meta announces six changes to Facebook Groups, which allow users to share more kinds of content, and administrators to effectively manage their communities.

The six new features and tools available in Facebook Groups are:

  1. Reels on Facebook Groups
  2. Join Facebook Groups and share Facebook Group events to Instagram stories
  3. Create your own Facebook Group profiles
  4. Recall Facebook Group community members
  5. New updates for the Admin Assist tool
  6. Allow members of the group to publish content identified by Facebook

1. Reels On Facebook Groups

Facebook users are now able to build and publish Reels exclusively in groups.

Before posting the Reel in a Facebook Group, the user would need to share it on another site other than Facebook before sharing the post with the group.

You can now upload your Reel direct to the community, making it great to use for private gatherings.

2. Upload Facebook Event to Instagram

It is now possible to share URLs of Facebook Group events to your Instagram story.

This feature is accessible to admins and group members and could be a great method to increase the number of communities.

3. Create your own Facebook Group Profiles

You are now able to customize the About Me area to share any information that is shared with the group.

Additionally, there’s an option for admins and members to add a sign on their profile to indicate that they’re available to message. This signalizes to other members that you’re keen to connect one-on-one.

4. You can recognize the Facebook Group Community Members

Facebook is exploring a new approach for administrators to highlight the most contributors to the group. Members can participate by taking active roles in the community, with various responsibilities for the group, or by receiving responses and feedback on posts.

In a similar experiment, Facebook works on ways for administrators to acknowledge those who take the time to make people feel welcome.

5. Updates to Admin Assist

Facebook is updating its current Admin Assist tool with more ways to control and act on the content.

Administrators of groups can now automatically move posts with information that has been deemed to be incorrect by third-party fact-checkers. This can be done to positions that are pending. This lets admins go through the posts before they are deleted. Them.

Facebook will assist group administrators in comprehending the way Admin Assist can help them manage their community by providing a daily digest. The digest every day provides an overview of the actions Admin Assist took in a group according to the criteria established by the administrators.

6. Let Group Members Post Content that is ‘Flagged by Facebook’

Facebook is trying out an option that allows administrators of eligible groups to make their own decisions in the content that is automatically moderated by Facebook’s system.

This feature allows the administrator for an organization of fish tank enthusiasts to permit a flagged comment that referred to a particular fish as “fatty,” which was not meant as offensive.

Meta employs various criteria to determine a group’s eligibility for this feature. One of them is that the administrator must not have been the admin of a grouping previously removed.