Microsoft Ads Unveils New Smart Campaign Features

Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns has a new multiplatform feature that gives them an edge over Google.

Microsoft Ads announced a simplified Smart Campaigns setup process on Thursday, September 8.

This update includes a new feature that distinguishes them from Google Ads. It’s worth looking into the unique experience if you run paid media ads.

Microsoft will be rolling out experience migration within the next few months. However, existing advertisers can still be considered for access.

A New Simplified Experience

Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns were initially launched in 2021 to allow select advertisers to access the US, UK, and Australia markets.

Microsoft has simplified the campaign setup experience in response to SMBs’ increasing needs.

The Smart Campaign Update includes:

  • Experience a new campaign with a guide
  • Chat experience with support updated
  • Simple ad setup, with the option to auto-generate or self-create
  • Optimizations with updated AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What is the result? The result? A simpler, more efficient workflow that will save you time.

The Multi-Platform Competitive Advantage

Smart Campaign’s multiplatform capabilities are its most distinctive feature.

Microsoft Ads is the only company that offers this new feature. It gives them a significant competitive advantage over Google.

Google’s performance Max campaign type, previously known as Smart Campaigns, offers ad inventory across all its properties, including YouTube, Gmail, and Display. Google’s properties are where the ad inventory ends.

The new Microsoft Ads Smart campaign experience allows you to extend your advertising reach by running ads across multiple platforms.

  • Microsoft Ads
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Microsoft’s new AI solution optimizes for the best performance in selected locations.

Why You Should Care

Microsoft Ads continues its competitive streak in the Search marketplace and is now multiplatform.

This feature is vital for your PPC program, regardless of whether you are in the SMB category.

  • Enhance your website and social media efforts. Multiplatform features can help you to grow your brand organically on Facebook and Instagram. Microsoft’s new tools allow you to respond to customers and schedule social posts from one interface.
  • You can quickly scale your ad reach and audience reach. Innovative Campaigns multiplatform feature is a great tool to reach your target market if you are in a niche or have low search volume.
  • It enhanced testing capabilities. This could be a great way to determine the most effective way to advertise to your target audience if you already have Microsoft Ads and Google Ads. Microsoft Ads boasts lower CPCs than Google. It’s worth a try.
  • Simple campaign management. Microsoft Smart Campaigns is an excellent place for those who are short on time or just starting in PPC. It’s an affordable way to get into the digital world.