Twitter Introduces New Appeal Process For Suspended Accounts

Beginning February 1, Twitter users can file appeals against suspensions of accounts that are based on the new guidelines to be reinstated.

Twitter has made a major alteration to its policy on account suspension, beginning on February 1.

According to an announcement by Twitter’s Twitter Safety team, users are able to appeal suspensions of their accounts for assessments based on the new rules to be reinstated.

Twitter Introduces New Appeal Process For Suspended Accounts
Twitter Introduces New Appeal Process For Suspended Accounts

Twitter states that it’s adopting an approach that is more nuanced in responding to violations of its policies and is opting to take less drastic actions like limiting the reach of tweets rather than taking down accounts.

From now on, Twitter will only suspend accounts for serious or ongoing violations of the company’s policies.

Examples of serious violations can include, among others, but are not limited to, the use of illicit activities or content that incites or threatens violence or hurt, privacy breaches, spam on platforms, and targeted harassment of users.

Twitter is proactive in reviving previously suspended accounts. It has been stated that accounts involved in illegal activities, such as threats of harm, massive spam, and manipulation of the platform, are not reinstated.

The new way of suspending accounts is meant to help people have healthy conversations online and keep them safe from harm.

Twitter hopes that these changes will give users a fairer and more transparent method to reactivate their accounts, something they didn’t have before.

Users are advised to be aware of the new guidelines and to contest suspensions if they believe they have been unfairly suspended.

In very rare circumstances, Twitter may permit controversial material or actions that could otherwise violate the company’s policies to stay on its site since it believes that people are keen to see both sides of the issue.

Before making a final decision, a cross-functional team looks at each situation on its own.

The impact that it could have on people in general, the origin of the content, as well as the possibility of other media coverage of the event, are a few factors that Twitter takes into consideration when making content-related decisions.