WP Engine Acquires Company Behind ACF, WP Migrate & Better Search and Replace

WordPress hosted web hosting firm WP Engine acquires Delicious Brains, the creators of WordPress plugins, which are that are used by more than 4 million people

Managed WordPress web hosting firm WP Engine announced they were purchasing Delicious Brains, the company behind five of the most popular WordPress plugins used by millions of users worldwide.

The acquisition comprises plugins that are extremely loved by the WordPress community of developers. These include:

  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF),
  • WP Migrate
  • Improved Search and Replace
  • WP Offload SES
  • WP Offload Media

What does the acquisition mean for Delicious Brains’ plugins

One of the biggest concerns for users of the plugins is modifications. WP Engine reassures that no significant changes are planned, and they will continue to help in the advancement and enhancement of these plugins.

Five Delicious Brains plugins are scheduled to continue to be upgraded and compatible with future versions of WordPress. The development teams will remain the same, and the plugins will be available in the current WordPress repository.

The announcement said that the acquisition was made in line with the company’s commitment to open-source. WP Engine also stated that they would continue to honor lifetime licenses on the software.

WP Engine shared the following details in Search Engine Journal:

“The plugins will remain available for free and available on the repository. Additionally, we’ll honor perpetual licenses on Pro versions.

We have brought on Delicious Brains employees, and they will continue to work with the plugins.

Like other tools, such as Genesis or Local, WP Engine also plans to provide more support to contributors and the entire WordPress community by offering meaningful opportunities for ongoing collaboration as well as the continual maintenance and improvement of ACF WP Migrate, ACF, as well as the other builder tools that are being purchased.

In the beginning, we’ll concentrate on integration and following the roadmaps currently in place to make the integration. We aim to enhance WP Engine into a better WP Engine, offering more value for our customers. However, it’s too early to provide specific details about this.”

The WP Engine as well as Headless CMS

WP Engine also shared that they’re committed to innovation and investing to make WP Engine a leader for designing models and creating content on headless WordPress websites, emphasizing the synergy between ACF and the Atlas Content Modeler (ACM).