7 TikTok Stats Show Impact Of Combining Paid & Organic Content

The latest information from TikTok illustrates that advertising is more effective by throwing in natural content.

TikTok releases new data that shows how brands can gain from adding naturally-generated content in their strategy for marketing if they are primarily posting advertisements that are paid.

Ads can be a powerful method for brands to speed get towards thousands of users on TikTok. However, it could require more than ads to convert these views into sales.

TikTok’s data shows that users aren’t likely attracted by ads independently. They would like to see brands publish organic content and sponsored and paid content.

In a blog post, TikTok calls this an “always-engaged” approach:

“An Always Engaged” strategy combines organic and paid content and uses creators to help businesses achieve their unique goals.

This approach enables brands to stay dynamic and active on the platform. This leads to an increased brand appreciation, recognition, and resonance.”

The following section provides seven numbers that show how TikTok claims can be achieved by posting organic and paid content.

Why post a mix of Paid and Organic Content on TikTok?

1. 79% of users prefer brands that “Get” TikTok

TikTok reports that 79% who use it are drawn to brands that have demonstrated how to build for the platform.

The posting of a mix of content is an effective way to show prospective customers that your company is using TikTok in addition to the running of ads.

2. 2x increase in ROAS

TikTok discovered that organic participation in paid media could increase ROAS (return on an ad’s investment) compared to running media by itself.

For Branded Hashtag Challenges, TikTok noticed a double growth in the ROAS of companies that were also in the community organically.

3. Other Creators influence a Third of TikTok People

Apart from advertising your advertisements, another method to get your company’s message to the public is to work together with other creatives.

One-third of TikTok users claim to have been in a position to buy something suggested by one of the creators via the social network.

4. 173% Rise In Brand Awareness

The posting of a variety of content can boost brand recognition.

TikTok recorded an increase of 173% in brand awareness following two exposures to brands’ content posted on the platform.

5. 20% Growth In Brand Affinity

Organic content is believed to be more likable after watching a commercial, which increases 20% in brand affluence.

6. 27% Growth In Brand Recall

Organic content can boost the recall of a brand by as much as 27% if seen before seeing a paid advertisement.

7. An 18% Rise In Brand Relevance:

After seeing paid advertising, organic content from a brand is more relevant to viewers.

The data from TikTok shows an increase of 18% for users who think that the organic content of a brand is relevant after they were first exposed to an advertisement.