Instagram Releases New Reels Features

Instagram introduces new features to its short-form format video format Reels and provides creators new ways to interact with viewers.

Instagram introduced new features for Reels today and gives users additional ways to bring their ideas for short video clips.

These features are designed to assist content creators in engaging with their audience, drawing viewers, and communicating in different ways.

The social media platform’s video feature is its most notable feature globally and has more than 675.3 million people using it.

This means more than a quarter of Instagram’s 2 billion users use this function.

Updates include new audio Options, Interactive, and Templates

Alongside refreshing the sound effects collection, Instagram Reels allows users to upload their sound files directly.

Ideal for commentary, jingles, or background noise, creators can import sounds from any video on their camera roll, which is a minimum of five seconds in length. The recorded audio will then be available in Reels through other accounts.

Another new feature is the change to length limits. In the past, videos could be a maximum of 15 seconds. But Instagram has now increased the limit by 600% and allows users to upload up to 90 seconds long videos. Reel advertisements now have a maximum duration that is 60 seconds.

Interactive stickers that were only available on Instagram Stories are also used in the video. This opens up new possibilities to engage the audience through polls, quizzes, and even emoji sliders.

Instagram lets creators utilize another video as a model when making new Reels. By loading clips and audio placeholders from the source video, Users will need to trim and edit their clips.

Reels Provides Value To Marketers, Advertisers, & Branders

The number of views that online videos receive has almost doubled since 2018 and has grown to become a crucial tool for marketers to have in their arsenals. This is particularly true for Reels that have been shown to draw viewers.

According to Instagram, the public accounts with greater than 10,000 users that shared a minimum of five reels during 60 days increased their followers by 250% more than accounts belonging to the same group who didn’t post reels.

Instagram videos currently have an engaging rate of 1.5 1 %, which means that users are more than just scrolling through. Furthermore, 86% of users claim they’re likelier to buy an item that has Instagram content rated “shareworthy.”