YouTube Analytics Now Separates Data By Video Type

Analytics reports available in YouTube Studio will now show separate metrics for each video type.

YouTube has released an update to its analytics reports that will help creators of videos in various formats.

You’ll be able to check the total number of video views for every type of Content you post on your channel.

In the past, data was compiled into one metric that could count views for all types of Content.

YouTube has made these changes to let you better comprehend and compare the performance of various video formats.

You can evaluate the views of regular videos, shorts, and live streams to determine which kind of content generates the most interest on your page.

This article will provide more information about the changes in YouTube Analytics, why they’re being implemented, and answers to the questions you’re likely to ask.

Separate Data for Content The Types of Content YouTube Analytics

If this update goes live, the first thing you’ll notice within YouTube Studio is an absence of the Reach and Engagement tabs that you’re used to seeing on the channel level. They’ll be replaced with an entirely new account named Content.

This tab will be expected to become a with the Content tab, where you’ll be able to follow up about the effectiveness of the various kinds of Content.

When you click the tab Content, you’ll see numerous navigation options that lead you to the specific metrics for kinds of videos.

You’ll find the Video button when you’re making long-form videos (VODs), a shorts button when you’re making short-form videos, the live button when you are live streaming or live streaming, and other buttons.

Additionally, an all button is ideal for comparing performance between different kinds of formats.

The new features will be accessible to all creators on desktop and mobile devices over the next few weeks.

This update only affects analytics at the channel level. There aren’t any changes to video-level analytics. There aren’t any modifications.

What is the reason YouTube Making these Changes?

The feedback of creators indicates an increasing demand for distinct analysis. As I said, the video views are currently merged into one measurement.

YouTube has added distinct analytics and the capability to analyze metrics for the first time.

There is no data being deleted. The information is just shown in a new format.

It was likely transferred to a different place if the data is absent. For instance the information on traffic sources will be displayed throughout YouTube Analytics instead of having its section.

Answers to Common Questions

What’s the deal with Watch Time?

Creators might want to know when they’ll have access to additional data that is more precise, for instance, the amount of time spent watching according to content type.

YouTube states that it’s difficult to incorporate every metric in all places. If you’d like to know the time of a video based on its content, you can open advanced mode at the top right-hand part of YouTube Studio on a desktop.

You can sort metrics by type of Content and determine the amount of time spent watching various formats.

What about Historical Data?

Metrics filtered according to content type are only available to the point at which they are available.

If you’re looking to see all your data records, you can do that with Advanced Mode on the desktop version of YouTube Analytics.