YouTube’s Priorities For 2023 New Ways To Make Money, AI Tools

The new head of YouTube, Neal Mohan, wants to help artists by expanding YouTube’s subscription, retail, and digital goods services and by investing in new features and AI.

• YouTube is prioritising the needs of creators and artists on its platform, offering more opportunities to earn money beyond ads; • YouTube is listening to creator feedback and developing features to improve accessibility and expand creative potential; and • YouTube is exploring AI’s generative capabilities to improve storytelling and production value for creators across formats.

The new CEO of YouTube, Neal Mohan, has talked about the company’s goals for 2023 and how committed it is to creators and artists on its platform.

Despite a hard financial environment, Mohan emphasised that YouTube will continue to prioritise artists by providing possibilities for them to expand their companies and earn money doing what they love.

YouTube’s Priorities For 2023 New Ways To Make Money, AI Tools
YouTube’s Priorities For 2023 New Ways To Make Money, AI Tools

More opportunities for creators to earn money

Mohan indicated that YouTube will provide producers with greater methods to monetize their content.

The company is expanding its subscription business, putting money into e-commerce, and making its paid digital products even better.

More than six million YouTube subscribers paid for channel memberships in December 2022, an increase of twenty percent from the previous year.

Creator feedback is essential to YouTube’s product development, and Mohan hopes to meet with more artists in person to see how he can help them.

Creators recently conveyed to YouTube the necessity of expanding accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing users.

Long-term work on machine learning has made it possible for it to automatically give captions in more languages.

Investing in the Future

YouTube is investing in features and experiences that will make it a destination for users and creators in the present and future.

The firm is doubling down on streaming and linked television, releasing fresh creative possibilities, and broadening the canvas for producers across platforms.

YouTube has just changed the mobile experience of Shorts to a TV-friendly style, and Mohan reports that television was the fastest-growing screen in the previous year.

Unlocking Creativity Across Formats: Creators

YouTube Shorts provides creators with greater exposure, with an average of over 50 billion daily views, and the number of daily uploading channels has increased by almost 80 percent in the past year.

With the addition of new tools to YouTube Studio, YouTube is making it easier for creators to display their podcasts on the site.

Later this year, RSS integration will give podcasters another way to upload their shows to YouTube. This will give listeners more options for what to listen to.

In addition, YouTube will roll out a new tool that enables creators to record a short in a side-by-side arrangement with both shorts and YouTube videos, allowing them to simply contribute their opinion on a trend or participate in replies.

Potential AI Applications in Digital Video

YouTube is anticipating the future of creativity and offering advanced tools for artists to expand their goals across videos, live events, and podcasts, among other platforms.

With the help of AI’s creative skills, creators may expand their narratives and enhance their production values.

YouTube is taking its time to build these features with safety in mind. It plans to give artists tools and the safety features they need to use this technology in the right way.

In Summary

YouTube is supporting creators and artists on its platform in 2018 by offering them new monetization possibilities and enhancing the platform’s accessibility and functionality in response to their input.

YouTube is investing in the future of streaming and linked television, as well as releasing new creative possibilities for channels of all types.

In addition, the organisation envisions the future of creativity through investigating AI’s generative powers, which can improve narrative and production value.

YouTube intends to maintain its position as a leader in the digital video market and to continue serving as a platform for artists and users.