Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising

Google gives advertisers until October to adhere to a new policy, or they will be removed from Google search.

Google Ads has a new policy requiring landing pages to cohere to the “better ads standards” dropped by the Coalition For Better Ads.

Google has changed its destination requirements policy to state that if an advertisement leads to a page not complying with better ad standards, Google will reject the ad.

Google has sent emails to advertisers informing them about the policy change. This leaves approximately a month for any necessary updates.

The email reads:

“In October 2022, the Destination requirements policy was updated to include a new approach that requires ad experiences for destinations to comply with the Coalition for Better Ads Standards. Ad experiences on goals not in compliance with the Better Ads Standards will be reported via the Ad Experience Report. Any ads that direct to these destinations will be rejected.

This new policy applies to Google Ads. You must be more careful about what pages your customers land on.

Google does not want advertisers to send people to pages with intrusive or irritating ads.

Your landing pages may already comply with better ad standards, particularly if they have been optimized for the update of Google’s new page experience.

Google will provide you with an Ad Experience Report if you are unsure if your landing pages meet these standards.

These are the rules for ads that don’t conform to the Better Ad Standards:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Autoplaying audio ads with sound
  • Visitors are blocked from viewing the main content by blocking ads
  • Countdowns for pre- and political ads
  • Large sticky ads that stick to a page while the visitor scrolls
  • Greater than 30% Ad Density
  • Flashing animated ads

It’s best to remember that if an advertisement interrupts the user’s browsing experience, it is almost always against the better ads standards.